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Ally McCoist – Time To Go

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“This club has standards. I look around my office and see Mr Struth, the gaffer, Souness, Wallace, Waddell and Symon. These men set the standards for our club.

“Those standards are as important, if not more so, than winning games of football. We’ve always had fantastic standards and we’ve prided ourselves on that. Hopefully that will never change.

“But in the last 18 months those standards have dipped a little bit. And we all must get them back up to the level our supporters and club deserve.

If you are wondering who said these words. I will answer. It was Ally McCoist.

Standards is a word I use a lot these days about Glasgow Rangers. My Club. Your Club and Thousands of others around the worlds Club. The sad thing is at Rangers these days there is no resemblance of standards on or off the pitch.

In the boardroom we have The Easdale’s, David Somers, Graham Wallace (and his 120 day review), some other faceless folk who hide behind names who we will probably never meet. They do nothing but makes statements and ask for our money. That’s about it. The sum total of their contribution. Oh I almost forgot. The Easdale’s nearly attempted to sue a fan. Which was nice. I see these guys in club ties and it literally turns my stomach. They bring nothing to the table of Glasgow Rangers. This much we all know in reality. Standards?

Then we have our players. Well where do I start? Here is a wee fact for you. There are teams in the English Championship who currently have a lower wage bill than Rangers. Think about that for a wee while. Our Wagebill is currently £6 million. It is a lot lower than what we are used to. But in the real world it’s still a hell of a lot of money for the level we are playing at. Do we get value for money? Not even close. If like me you watched the game yesterday you probably weren’t surprised with what unfolded. Slack play, Poor attitude, Constant long diagonal balls following pointless tippy tappy passes at the back then the ball hoisted as far into the air as possible to a static lone striker in a 451 formation. But you see this is what we do. That is the sum total of this £6 million a year squad. 

Now we come to the crux of the matter for me. The only problem? No. Far from it. But there is a common denominator in a lot of our problems. Off the field? No. That’s a different story sadly that shows no sign of ending any time soon. The problem I speak of is the Club Legend and Manager Ally McCoist.

What I now write is not knee jerk. Anyone who follows me on Twitter or reads my Blog knows that I have never been a fan of Ally McCoist the Manager. The man? Yes. I love him. The Manager? Just no. The day he was announced as the successor to Walter Smith I kind of shrugged and thought. This isn’t going to work. And you know what? It really hasn’t.

Pre Administration embarrassing results to Malmo and Maribor didn’t bode well for future cup competitions. For a while in the league with some decent players we looked liked a possible team. Then the day Naismith crumpled to the floor with a knee injury it was as if that was the beginning of the end. Quite frightening when you think how far back that was.

Once the company that owns the club was liquidated many thought ‘Okay this gives Ally a chance to start from the bottom and learn the job.’ Perhaps even a blessing in disguise for this manager with no actual previous managerial experience. Some even dared to dream of a football blueprint. An ethos of how the club would play moving forward. The integration of youth from Murray Park into the side and an adventure back to the top with new faces and a bright future. How wrong could we be? You see the highlight for me in SFL 3 was the emergence of youth. Would I have seen Barrie McKay ? Robbie Crawford ? Danny Stoney ? Fraser Aird ? Even Lewis Macleod in the previous regime at Rangers? You know what? Probably not. Following a SFL 3 win somehow Ally decided this was not the way to go. ‘Experience’ was the buzz word.  Ally embarked on another signing spree last summer. 9 players were brought in. Players Ally wanted. Nicky Law made sense. Cammy Bell made sense. Richard Foster? Stevie Smith? Arnold Peralta? Not so much. All these signings without a scouting network made a few of us scratch our heads.

But when the season started I thought right here we go. Ally has his players. We must see a better product. 11 players in their actual positions. In a 442 at least. The 3rd tier of scottish football? Thats a gimme right? How wrong could I have been?

The football Rangers play is Dire. Take away the wins this season and be honest. Have you enjoyed watching Rangers play? I’ll be honest I haven’t enjoyed watching a Rangers game since we beat Motherwell at Ibrox when Kyle Hutton (No laughing at the back) was man of the match. 

Ally McCoist has this trait which was laid bare for all to see yesterday. You see we can’t play 11 players in their actual position. Why? I have literally no idea. We have in excess of 30 senior professionals but we still must play centre halves at right back. left backs in midfield. Strikers on the wing. It is literally never ending.

Another trait of McCoist. The 451 formation. That’s exactly what it is. Why?  A lone striker in Jon Daly who despite his goal record this season is about as mobile as a subbeteo player. If you play a lone striker surely they must be mobile enough to stretch teams? No? Well I thought so. Why not play a 442 in which Nicky Clark, Andy Little or someone else with pace can actually score goals. That is a strikers job, that is where they want to be. McCoist was one of the best in the business. Yet he can’t see that? Why do we play Lewis Macleod who is a fine young Scottish talent anywhere other than his actual position? 

Then we talk tactics? What are they? As far as I can see and listening to the players it is this. Get the ball from back to front as quickly as possible and try and feed off Daly. That is it? It is reminiscent of a pub team manager. Bear in mind up until earlier this year this manager was being paid £845,000. It literally defies belief. What is Plan B? There isn’t one. We play one way and one way only. Set pieces? They aren’t actually even funny anymore. Corners literally drain the life out of me. Over and over again. Then we have free kicks. Jig pulls rank and get the ball rolled to him. By the time his knackered £10,000 a week legs get to the ball it is usually blocked by the other team.

Under McCoist when did anyone see a player become better? I can’t say I have seen it myself. Plenty of regression. Templeton? Shiels? Law? What did we do to these players at Murray Park? Was there a re-enactment of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers? They are pale in comparison to what they were when they arrived. This is all just matter of fact. And if McCoist and his management team isn’t to blame then I am not quite sure who is? This is Ally’s team and it is quite simply nowhere near good enough. 

Do the players respect McCoist? I’m not so sure. They probably appreciate the easy ride they have under him. They laugh along with him at training. But when you see the attitude of players like Ian Black and Bilel Mohsni I can’t help but think they really couldn’t care a less. Would that have happened under Smith or Souness? I’m not so sure.

Right now Rangers are a shambles on and off the field. Past the blue kits, Ibrox and the best fans in the world it’s just not right. From top to bottom the club needs ‘cleansed’ as Ally McCoist himself said. But for the future of Rangers Ally must now realise it is best for all concerned that he leaves his role as manager. He can leave with his head held high. He has put up with a lot. But as I said long ago when Ally is judged for his ability as a football manager and football manager alone he will come up short. This is proven week in week out with the same issues over and over. I wish him well. I Love the guy and always will. But Ally McCoist it is time to go.