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Rangers Transfer Business. Some Perspective.

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So as the window is about to close in Scotland after what has been a very busy summer transfer window I thought I’d write a few thoughts on the window that was.

Before we start for those who don’t know me I am a huge fan of Mark Warburton and what he has brought to Rangers in a very short period of time. Sometimes it’s worth looking back to fully appreciate what you actually have right now. The gaffer has built expectation and hope in a very short period of time. It’s easy to forget the utter mess of a team he inherited from Mr McCoist and co. The sub standard players we had being paid a handsome wage for a lot of badge thumping, soundbites and not much else.

In 12 months the gaffer changed Rangers to a free flowing fast thinking football team. We won the Championship at a canter and should really have won the Scottish Cup (before the Royal Rumble happened) We maybe take it for granted that a team that spent peanuts (albeit on the 2nd highest wages in Scotland) completely transformed what was served up at Ibrox every other Saturday.

This summer saw the majority of the McCoist fiasco cleansed from the club. Templeton, Law, Shiels, Clark, Bell etc. were thanked for their services and sent on their way. Shaving a pretty penny from the wage bill in the course of doing so.

This summer has seen 11 new arrivals. Frank McParland and his team have worked to bring in the players that the gaffers wanted to move Rangers to the next level. What was I expecting this summer? Honestly? I have no idea. my expectations have been tempered in recent years mainly with what we have had to endure. But I still wanted Rangers to be competitive in the top flight. I watched though as McParland did deals like £440,000 for James Tavernier & Martyn Waghorn and started to get excited about this summer and what was possible.

I must add at this point that I think Dave King has not really helped the expectation of this process this summer at all. I am a fan of Dave King and wanted him at the club for a long time. But I have had enough of  the soundbites to last me a lifetime. The comments regarding his ‘Children’s inheritance’ and figures of ‘£30 million’ and spending ‘whatever it takes’ were neither needed or helpful. It has created a stick for the press of Scotland and beyond to beat him with. Did I expect millions? No. I didn’t. But King’s remarks made me think again about what I expected. As an aside I’d prefer King just to be like the rest of the board and say nothing. Just go about the job of getting Rangers back where we belong. The top of the game in Scotland.

Anyway as the business this summer started I was happy early doors with the recruitment of Matt Crooks and Josh Windass. Prudent signings and in the case of Windass a player that was coveted elsewhere. I love the chat from Warburton of giving these young boys the platform to play in front of worldwide audiences in front of 51,000 every other week and grow as players. Eventually being sold on at a profit to the club. I like that. On a smaller scale it’s what we did with the likes of Gio back in the day. I have friends who were team mates of Crooks. When they played with him he was a centre half. They said he was rotten. Then when he moved to Accrington and played centre midfield the same team mate said they could not believe how good he was. So I look forward to him coming in.

The signing of Joey Barton was a statement for me. And I was initially delighted. He has grown as a player and as a human being. He has played deeper as his legs have started to go but last season in the Championship was standout. I have to admit my early views have been less than favourable. He clearly has a target on him and already there have been 2 straight red cards for some no marks at wee clubs trying to ‘do him’. But I haven’t seen him bossing a game the way I thought he would. He appears to have players walk past him in most games and I’ve been surprised how poor he has looked truth be told. He will be given time but I expect more.

Niko Kranjcar got the juices flowing I must admit. In his day in the EPL he was one of my favourite players. I was astounded he was only 31 years old. I can see his ability. Technically you could argue he is the best player in Scotland. Sadly right now he is maybe 60% fit? Defensively he offers nothing and he is looking very slow just now. His pass and touch are exquisite. His vision and shooting are also impressive. But can we afford the luxury that he is? Maybe if we get the right 2 players next to him maybe he can be. I really hope he is.

Clint Hill I really can’t get my head around. at 38 years of age and well thought of by the QPR fans he just seems done. I was at the first game of the season and saw first hand Clint Hill looked stunned at just what was happening around him. I think you can either play for Rangers or you can’t. Maybe we are just too far out of his comfort zone he has been used to it.

Lee Hodson has come in from MK Dons with pretty much no fanfare but being honest I have really liked him. A member of the Euro 2016 Northern Ireland squad he looks a capable defend first defender. NIP000254498303_2952642a.jpg

Jordan Rossiter I love. The England U19 Captain to me has stood out a mile. Strong in the tackle. Always showing for the ball and quick moving it. Frank McParland clearly worked his magic on this one and I love everything about his signing. Let him continue his education and let us sell him at a profit in 3/4 years. For me he would be the first midfielder on the team sheet.

Joe Dodoo has come in and is clearly a project. Very fast but very raw. Not sure whether he will end up a striker or a winger but again at a relatively small investment is probably a risk worth taking. He makes intelligent runs but his touch and decision making will need work. As I say an impact player from the bench is probably his place just now.

Matt Gilks is an experienced safe pair of hands who will deputise for the much improved Wes Foderingham.

Joe Garner has been Rangers biggest outlay at £1.5 million. I only really know what the Preston fans have said about him but I saw enough in his debut to see he will be an asset. He will work hard and do the dirty work as a striker. I hope he goes on to impress. He will have to for the outlay we have made.

So with the recruitment covered I still have some reservations.

The last season showed us that whilst we are an expansive football team our defence is the stuff of nightmares. So many times in the Championship teams made chances and didn’t take them. But each time Twitter and the stands would be shouting ‘we won’t get away with that at a higher level’ and it appears to have fallen on deaf ears. The Scottish Cup Final alone highlighted just how poor we are defensively. As Anthony Stokes walked through the middle of Hampden it laid bare the problems we have. I don’t feel personally that we have addressed that. I’d go as far to say that the defensive frailties we have will be the main catalyst in us not being able to win the premier league this season. For me as soon as the season ended we should have looked at the spine of the team and where we needed to strengthen. I was hopeful with Davie Weir as assistant this would have been looked at. Instead we gave Rob Kiernan a new deal and signed 38 year old Clint Hil. That’s it? It isn’t enough. Signing Senderos today at the 11th hour won’t change that. I hope I’m proven wrong but we are just too vulnerable at the back.

In addition to this the main dynamic of our play last season was the tempo we played at. With the likes of Holt & Halliday pressing play and winning the ball back repeatedly. The arrival of Barton ( and Kranjcar ) has seen the midfield set up deeper and lose that dynamic. The midfield 3 is something that needs fixed as a matter of urgency. I also feel we miss Jason Holt in the hole behind the strikers. Kenny Miller has already chipped in with vital goals but if Garner is to be our main man up top Miller must only be used as a substitute. He doesn’t have the pace or touch of someone who can play on the wing.

Finally we create so many chances yet our conversion rate seems so poor. Again as the team settles hopefully that will change. But if you look at our shooting outside the box and when in on goal we are not definitive enough in our finishing. This needs fixed. This will take composure from the players.

We have a squad now that is better than what we had 12 months ago. And I believe we have a more than capable first 11 when everyone is fit. My main fear is the defence and the signing of Senderos has not changed that. I feel the management team have been neglectful in this facet of the transfer window. But at the same time if I take a step back and breath I realise Rangers have come so far in such a short time. Mistakes will be made but we are on the right track. Do I think we can win the league this season? Unlikely. But if we can establish ourselves in 2nd place and do well in the cups it will be more than enough for me. We have signed a new team. Lets give them the time they need. The board have done well by us, all the while why we make about 50p from retail operations and the money continues to come out the boards pockets directly. The battles continue off the field as they do on it. The Cup Final ruling is for another day as I have utter contempt for the people running our game, It appears Rangers players are less important to the powers that be than the advertising hoardings…. As I say for another day.

In conclusion. Rangers are going in the right direction. There is a lot to improve. But I believe we’ll get there.

Patience Bears.


Thanks for Reading.











So Far So Good – Still Work To Be Done

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Well here we are in the middle of July. Pre Season is well under way, we have played 3 games and things are shaping up nicely on the park it seems. 3 Wins, 0 goals conceded,  4 goals scored. Having an actual Pre Season is nice for both the fans and no doubt the club.

As the season ended we wanted a lot of change at Rangers. Both on the field and off the field. Ally has signed 7 players and he wants more. Daly, Smith, Peralta, Foster, Law, Bell and Clark have all arrived. Would I have signed each of these players ? Probably not, but these are the guys Ally wanted and now he has got them. He is said to want to sign 2 centre backs in Boris Pandza and trialist Bilel Mohsni and also apparently wants another striker ( Please not Miller or Novo ) and another goalkeeper. That will complete the set for Ally and allow him to take us forward for stage 2 of the trip back to the top. This is all fine and everything but our squad really needs reduced further. Neil Alexander, Dorin Goian, Carlos Bocanegra and Kane Hemmings have all left the club and Kal Naismith is currently on a trial at Accrington Stanley but even then we are still far to high in numbers.

Bell, Gallacher, Argyriou, Hegarty, MacAusland, Foster, Mitchell, Cribari, Faure, Perry, Wallace, Smith, Peralta, Law, MacLeod, Hutton, Black, Templeton, Shiels, McKay, Aird, Stoney, Clark, Daly, Little, McCulloch, Cole, Gasparotto, Crawford and Naismith.

That is a squad of 30 players. Yes 30. That I am afraid is just far to much. Add to that another 3 signings Ally wants and that takes us to 33 and we can all see the need for exits from the club. Now bare in mind last season with a £7 mil a year wage bill for players we were losing £1 million pounds a month I’m sure we all become clear that we need to drastically reduce this cost base. High earners such as Alexander, Bocanegra and Goian leaving will help as the player brought in are said to be on nowhere near as high wages and understandably so. The problem is now we have players such as Ian Black who are on £7,000 per week plus bonus who clubs will just not touch. I regularly tweet about 10 players from the list I gave that we could get rid of that would not hinder us greatly but I am always met with the same response, ‘who would want them? and who would pay their wages?’ and to be honest that is the dilemma we are facing. Last season we won SFL 3 at a canter but can anyone say hand on heart they were impressed by any of our players week in week out? You could argue the case for MacLeod (pre injury) , Little and Wallace maybe but they are not the players we want to be rid of, they are the players we should be building around. So that will be tough for Craig Mather the new permanent Chief Executive to take care of. But it quite simply must be done.

Ally has his players now and as Ian Durrant said today in an interview there are now ‘no excuses’ for this team going into the next season. The off season has seen a refreshing honesty from most at the club on what happened last season. Ally McCoist spoke at length about what last season was lacking and where he will fix it going into next season and it was good to hear. Did I agree with all he had to say? No, however he warrants this chance to put things right. He has his players, the ones he wanted. He has a pre season. He has a new head of sports science. He has a far quieter boardroom. He can focus on the pitch and does not need to be sidetracked by what is happening off it.  So as Ian Durrant said there really is ‘no excuses’. Rangers have the 2nd highest wage bill in Scotland. Rangers have the best training facilities in Scotland. Rangers have the best support in Scotland. All of these things cannot be disputed. So now Ally has to show he can manage this team and get us back to the top and display a level of football that is acceptable to our deserving fans.


As for our fans…. What can I say? 32,000 season tickets sold and more being sold every day. Nothing ever surprises me with our support. In the 3rd tier of scottish football and in a tough economic climate for the club to sell in excess of 32,000 tickets is just Phenomenal. The fans show at each turn they truly are ‘Simply The Best’.

At Boardroom level there appears to be a bit more sense of decorum, Maybe a certain Walter Smith has assisted in that aspect? Each day doesn’t appear to have continued leaked stories to enemies of the club and we appear to be on the back pages a lot more than the front pages which is very welcome for this Bear. Craig Whyte appears to be running out of options and as each sensationalist accusation is made they are swatted away with quick response or complete disregard. Charles ‘Rangersitis’ Green is away and his wee pal Ahmed also. How much did that cost us? I’m sure we will find out in due course. Malcolm Murray is also away as is Phillip Cartmell which always appeared inevitable. All that has gone on at board level is unclear and until the audited accounts are released I will reserve judgement.

James Easdale is on the board now and to be honest I am not comfortable with that at all. He and his brother don’t have the greatest of reputations and ultimately I don’t see where they can assist in running one of Scotland’s biggest institutions. Again we will have to see how that plays out.

Once the accounts are published then we can see where we are. How much is left of the IPO money? What has it been spent on? What are our operating costs? What happened to stadium sponsorship deal with Sports Direct? What happened to Club museum idea? What happened to Stadium renovation? What happened to Edmiston House plans? Maybe they are all underway but maybe they are not. The club has the responsibility to tell us the state of play and hopefully we will see that. If the IPO money has been spent on operating costs alone then we have a problem. What happens when that money runs out? What are we doing to prevent that happening?

So as you can see we still have a lot of unanswered questions. Lets hope the Rangers Family get some forthcoming answers.

So Far So Good. But there is still work to be done.

Departures As Well As Arrivals Required

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Oh My Goodness. This week has been rather pleasant hasn’t it?

Ally wanted Jon Daly, Nicky Clark, Nicky Law & Cammy Bell. And he got them.

In future when doing all transfer dealings can we send Super Ally off white water rafting? That way we get no “48 hours” chat nonsense and just get the deal done? It’s been very refreshing just seeing the signings done. I mean everyone knew about Bell for a long time but the other deals seemed concluded and announced with minimum fuss. Who do we thank for that? Mather? Stockbridge? I don’t know but long it may continue.

On the signings I am by enlarge delighted. Cammy Bell was a Young keeper I always saw coming and I imagine will be on far less wages than Neil Alexander, I also think he is a better keeper. Nicky Clark has just scored over 40 goals in the league we are entering, he is a Rangers man and his father played for Rangers so knows what it is all about. At 21 I just file this signing under ‘No Brainer. Nicky Law I am surprised we have actually been able to get. Again at 25 age is on his side and he is a signing we badly need to give our midfield a bit more urgency, there was interest from the English Championship and more money by all accounts but he has made the right choice. Then finally we have signed Jon Daly. Personally I couldn’t care less about his religion or where he is from, none of the Rangers family really care despite what the gutter rags will tell you. All I care about is his ability to make Ranger better. His goal record isn’t great and his knees are said to be suspect, I won’t lie that concerns me. He looks similar in attributes to Lee McCulloch and I don’t mean that as a compliment, but Ally wanted him and he got him so he will receive my full backing.

What happens next? Well it appears there are more players to come in. Arnold Peralta, Murray Davidson, Chris Humphrey, Tom Hateley and a few others are the names being mentioned amongst others so I presume there is more to come. Surely our defence will need strengthened and I hope we bring some physical presence in at the back. Earlier in the year we had interest in Andre Bikey and Craig Cathcart so they may still be of interest to the club so the new arrivals show no sign of letting up.

One thing the club must be conscience of though is that with new arrivals we quite simply must see departures. Remember we have the 2nd highest wage bill in Scotland and have been operating at a loss each month. We have also been using parts of our IPO money raised to sustain operating costs. Going into next year this simply cannot continue. In order to assist that we must bring down our current £7 mil wage bill that with more new arrivals will further increase.

In terms of who I would be comfortable in losing I could easily name Hemmings, Black, Hutton, Cole (Holiday Daz), Alexander, Perry, Naismith, Argyriou and Cribari as players I wouldn’t lose to much sleep over. In addition to that it is highly unlikely Dorin Goian and Carlos Bocanegra will play for Rangers again. In the case of Bocanegra that is a bit gutting as I love the guy and I think he loves Rangers. But with his wage and International ambitions I think he will be finding employment elsewhere, also his agent is actively trying to do that right now so sadly it appears Boca will move on. So that would be 10 players which is obviously unrealistic and some of the players will be in Ally’s plans no doubt but departures will have to happen. 

Next season is looking like it will shape up very differently from the season gone by and that is a good thing. Hopefully we won’t see another 1,765 trials of obscure players that leave as quickly as they arrive. Hopefully we will have a proper pre season. Hopefully somewhere along the way Ally will drop his awful one up top formation and we will get an actual style of football, we may even start playing players in their actual positions? What can be of no doubt is the time for excuses is looking like a thing of the past and so it should be. Next season Ally has to prove on the pitch he is the man to take our Great club back to the top. Our football has to greatly improve and Ally needs to be judged not in the boardroom but on the pitch. I’m sure Ally wouldn’t have it any other way. As I’ve said numerous times I have doubts about Ally McCoist ‘the Manager’ (The Man is without equal)  but I hope he proves me and many others wrong. It appears for the first time in a long time the board is actually helping him and getting him the players he wants.

So we have interesting times ahead. Once again on and off the field but for now lets just be happy that we have brought in some new additions who will genuinely improve our team. It’s refreshing. Don’t you think?

Rangers – What Happens Next ?

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I have put off writing my latest blog as it seems every time we form an opinion as a Rangers support something else comes along to muddy the waters further. We once again find ourselves in the unknown.

All we know is sickeningly what the ‘Banned’ BBC tell us via whomever the Mole is at Ibrox. It isn’t just the BBC, with each newspaper and website you read you see there are agendas all over the place. As a Fan all I want is what is best for Rangers, can the current stewards of our club confess the same? I’m not so sure. It appears to have turned into a bit of a battle in the boardroom. You have some directors (mostly all depending on who you believe) wanting Malcolm Murray gone. He has seemingly been asked to leave twice but he is not willing to do so. Is this right or wrong of him? Not one person can answer that question as we quite simply don’t know. Where as Charles Green would tell all and sundry the last time he went to the toilet Malcolm Murray has been the polar opposite. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Rangers these days are far to often on the front pages of newspapers these days as opposed to the back pages and it is becoming increasingly frustrating to see our clubs wellbeing represented like a schoolgirls fight in the playground. It has to stop and dealing with this behind doors is what should be happening. However on the flip side of that you have whoever is leaking info trying to make Malcolm Murray the fall guy. The guy that likes a tipple and is not brave enough to make bold decisions to assist the club when needed. Which one is it? As a Support we have no idea and that is the crux of the matter. What I will say is this. Malcolm Murray previously owned 25% of Manchester United and is well thought of in financial circles. He is said to have played a huge part in bringing city investors to Rangers when the IPO was launched. He is also known to be a big Rangers man. He doesn’t plead ‘Rangersitis’ as some less educated salesman do, he is what he is. So where I stand right now I find it hard to side against Malcolm Murray. Maybe he isn’t dynamic enough to take the club forward and a latter date may need replaced, maybe he himself realises that. He seems very reluctant to walk and I would like to know why that is.

Then we have the revelation that Charles Green is ready to sell his shares to the Easdale brothers. Charles Green who is very much clear it would seem of his bout of ‘Rangeritis’ is ready to allow these 2 characters to increase their shareholding in the club. Indeed part of the EGM called is to have Easdale and Chris Morgan put on to the board. Well what can I say? Errrrrrmmmm No. I can’t confess to knowing anything of the Easdale’s other than what I have read but really that should be all we need to know. One brother placed in jail for fraud over 10 years ago. Since then they are said to have built up a successful business employing nigh on 1000 folk. Thats fine they invested. But they want on the board? They want a say in the running of a Scottish Institution that is Rangers? No No No! I’ve searched the worldwide web and just can’t see where the money is coming from, they have quite a high turnover but where is their actual money? Their intentions may be honourable but after what we have encountered over these last few years I am sorry they just don’t come close to passing my ‘Stink Test’. Having watched the awful interview with Chris McLaughlin I just couldn’t believe that these 2 guys were sat with straight face and 3 eyebrows between them thinking they could sit on the board of our great club. Just No.

So where does that leave us?

Well as we stand we have a divided board with 2 maybe 3 factions trying to wrestle power at our club and the googley eyed one trying to cause bother still in the background. On Whyte my stance is this. If you think you have a legal claim to anything we will see you in Court, otherwise your 39 second recordings will continue to arouse our enemies but do nothing of substance for anyone that matters.


Do I want Malcolm Murray gone? No, not right now. I believe he wants what is best for Rangers, I believe he is digging his heels in for a reason. If its proven otherwise I will hold my hands up. But I categorically do not want Easdale on the board or getting any other shareholding within the club. I do not trust anyone of the Green set up currently at Rangers and I find it quite staggering that people continue to back Charles Green, to those people go and google Charles Green and see what he has promised the Rangers fans over his short tenure. He is a liar and a bullshitter, is this unfair? No it is just factual. From his initial ‘There will be £30 mil dropped into the bank day one’ to ‘I have 3 Billionaires ready to invest’ to ….. well to anything you can think of. The guy is a liar who is out to make as much money as he can, I’d imagine his cronies are here to do the same.

Do I want things to stay the same? Most certainly not. Our current business model is quite simply unsustainable. We are currently losing £1 million a month, That is just frightening and cannot be allowed to continue. With a playing staff wage bill of £7 million and Ally crying out for players I just find myself shaking my head on a daily basis. We have the 2nd highest wage bill in Scotland and a very poor team ultimately. Players on wages that are just incredible and wouldn’t be matched elsewhere. And Ally wants more! Well all I will say on that to our very quiet Interim CEO is as you said today you have a ‘duty of care’ to the club so tread very carefully. If as being suggested we now only have half of the original IPO money left due to operating costs well that is quite simply shameful. That money should be used to lay the foundations for the next 20/30 years. Scouting, coaching, development, not on topping up pensions for some more SPL journeymen. It needs radically changed. I’m not sure Ally gets that part of it, but that is for another day and another blog.

Jim McColl is another name repeatedly mentioned in circles as someone who may have an interest. I’m sorry but I can’t see why this guy is sat with £1 billion and has just allowed the last 2 years to happen, for that reason I can’t see him being a viable bidder. If I had half his money the club would of been bought and fixed a long time ago. Also it is reported by more than one that it was McColl who let Walter down when they tried to bid for the club when Green took over, so for that reason on McColl….I’m out.

What do I want? It is quite simple. I want people I can trust running Rangers. I want Dave King.

These last few days i have had heated exchanges with quite a few fans regarding King and that is fine, it’s because we all care right? But this is the guy I want. He knows Rangers. He gave £20 million of his own money to Rangers and never wanted anything back other than from Rangers to progress. His relationship with Murray deteriorated due to how Murray was running Rangers and one would have to say King was right to do so. Some have commented on when King threatened to sue Murray for the £20 mil due to the mismanagement of Murray, did it ever happen? No. I would put that down to the fact King was disillusioned as many were with Murray’s choice of purchaser of the club. Other arguments consist of ‘Well why hasn’t he bought Rangers before now?’ Well to that my answer is simple. Dave King has had legal battles of his own in recent times and his assets were frozen by the South African authorities. This has always prevented him doing anything financially. But now confidential agreements are in place and his assets are no longer frozen. Dave King has gone as far as contacting the SFA to see what his position would be should he wish to make a bid and I for one would hope the feedback will be positive. So he is my guy. Dave King. Some don’t agree and that’s fine. Ultimately we all want what is best for Rangers and we should never lose sight of that.

So in closing. It’s no longer a Knight I want to fix this. It is a King………….


Rangers – The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

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Charles Green quickly got over his bout of ‘Rangersitis’ didn’t he?

I for one am glad that Charles has called it a day. The man came from nowhere to be the Chief Executive of the Biggest Institution in Scottish Football. At first he was seen as a no nonsense straight talking Yorkshire man. He told the Scottish Football Authorities no when they tried to blackmail Rangers into handing over titles in return for our football license and for that alone I will be eternally grateful to our Chuck. From there he went on to front a successful share Issue raising £22.5 million for the club, which again is something I am impressed with. From there though I kind of became increasingly sceptical. Each day we were given a new sound bite, whether it be the move to England, the Adidas kit deal, the commercial link ups with Dallas Cowboys, the list goes on. At each port of call the Scottish media were waiting to pounce and find something to dismiss each of Charles claims as soon as he made them. Now Charles is a salesman, there is nothing wrong with that at all.  But when the sales chat catches up with you then people start to question others things that have been said. Then along came old Googley Eyes and that just lit the touch paper. All of a sudden the cracks began to appear. Charles only met Whyte once changed to Charles met Whyte 6 times. Then the revelations as to Green receiving monies from Whyte on 2 separate occasions. Again something we didn’t know. All that information would have been far better coming from Green without being prompted from the media. Now Whyte is a proven liar and of that there is no doubt but Charles spoke about being ‘open and honest’ from that start. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. Then the Bernard Manning style interview happened. Chat of his ‘Paki friend’ and his former team mate ‘Darkie Johnson’ left me open mouthed, I could not believe that the CEO of Rangers Football Club was saying such things. He spoke of increasing our Global Brand and then came out with these ridiculous remarks? It was at that point I thought to myself ‘Time to go Charles’ and I was glad when he did. Being CEO of Rangers is not the same as being CEO of Sheffield United or many other football teams. Scottish Football is basically Rangers and Celtic. Due to the mismanagement issues at Rangers in recent times we have been front and back pages of newspapers for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately Chuck let it all go to his head a little to much and as a result did himself more harm than good in the end. But I am sure £3 million for his shareholding in Rangers will clear up his bout of ‘Rangersitis’

So where does that leave Rangers Biggest Investors, The Rangers Support?

Well right now no one can truthfully answer that. No sooner had well placed Rangers fans backed Green 100% than he was walking out the door having had resigned. The usual names have came into the fore once more along with some not so well known names. Depending on who you speak to we have Jim McColl, Dave King, Paul Murray and The Krays (Sorry Easdale Brothers) all interested in acquiring a majority shareholding in our football club.

People have perhaps rightly said “Where were these Real Rangers men last year when our club nearly disappeared?” and I would understand that argument. On the flip side I would say there was a potentially toxic tax bill of somewhere in the region of £100 million possibly forthcoming and totally incompetant Administrators who were only playing ball with the Green Consortium for whatever reason. But I see both sides of the argument. For what its worth if I were to choose a Buyer for our club I would be choosing Dave King. The man invested £20 million in Rangers without any return and I would imagine if he hadn’t had his own Tax Issues in South Africa and issues with David Murray he would of probably owned us long before now. On Dave Kings Tax Issues it appears the authorities have made arrangements with King to clear up any outstanding issues and his assets are no longer frozen. I recall at the time the SFA stated if King was to invest at a later date he would require cover letters from the South African Authorities to explain his predicament. So for me this is the guy to watch. He is a Rangers Man, he is very wealthy, he has spoken of investment in Rangers having to be an emotional thing that you cannot expect a return on which is something I like. Of the others said to be interested Jim McColl is said to be worth £1 billion? That is a lot of money. But my argument would be if he is so ludicrously well off why are not already his football club? On the Easdale Brothers? Well in all reality I cannot fully comment on them, I have heard numerous stories of which none are exactly ‘glowing’ but again if we deal in reality and look at the cash flow of their businesses I just cannot see them as Majority Shareholders at Rangers. Paul Murray? Well what can we say about Paul that hasn’t already been said, Paul is clearly a Rangers Man and I genuinely believe he wants what is best for Rangers. Last time though as times previous when it comes to putting the cold hard cash on the table he just hasn’t come through. In the past we have had numerous talkers who have said they would do this and that but when it came right down to it no one put the money on the table other than Chuck Green and his Mystery Consortium. So to all the Bidders I would say this old adage.


‘Money Talks And Bullshit Walks’


If anyone believes they are the Best for Rangers, prove it. £11.5 million will buy you a Majority Shareholding in our Great Football Club. Don’t go and tell the Daily Record or anyone else for that matter how bad the current incumbents are or what you ‘would do’ just do it. The Rangers Family are the ones suffering. We are at each other’s throats for believing one camp or the other and its truly heartbreaking because all we want ultimately is what’s best for Rangers. Unfortunately we do not have an Official Fans vehicle to voice our concerns as a support and it hurts us. We have Numerous Fans Groups who agree on very little and have very small membership numbers which is very sad as the Fans are actually the single most important Investor in all of this.

In the meantime we have made Craig Mather the Interim CEO of the Club and that does nothing to appease the already anxious support. Brought to the club by Green following a £1 million investment and a photo of him kissing a Tiger apart I can’t really tell you much about him? He has a Sports Management company and many obscure football players on his books; does this qualify him as CEO of Rangers? The guy has been an invisible man since he joined the Club so again we have more questions than answers. Hopefully we will interview and bring in the Best Candidate for the Role of Chief Executive as this Role now more than ever requires a Quality appointment.

Once again this week on the field activity has kind of disappeared into the background whilst we hear about Boardroom disputes etc. A 2-1 home loss to Peterhead didn’t really surprise anyone, which says quite a lot. A slow, lethargic, predictable performance from our team and their £7 mil wage bill was on show once more. Ally spoke of ‘Cleansing’ being needed as well as his old excuse of ‘needing more players’, which again brought no surprise from anyone.

The facts are Ally is right, what he may have missed though is the fact is if he wants the club to ‘move forward’ the reality is he should not be Manager. Many will shout from the rooftops that is Wrong. It really isn’t. In the 4th tier of Scottish football and with the 2nd highest wage bill in Scotland this team has not progressed in the slightest from day one of the season and ultimately the Manager has to be held responsible for this whether folk like it or not. Our Club needs to be reducing costs and when we have a Manager on £700,000 a year being beaten at home by a club with a total expenditure of £300,000 a year I think folk have to sit up and realize we are ‘Miles Away’ from where we need to be with our cost base. That again is reality. So looking to sign SPL journey on £5,000 a week has to be a thing of the past and we need to really look at where our money is going. Unfortunately Ally and his Management team would have to then be moved on. Some won’t like that and I understand why, I Love Ally McCoist but I Love Rangers more.

So with Season Ticket Renewals around the corner we are clear only in how unclear things are at Rangers once more.  As I say

‘The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same.’

Charles Green – “I’m Out”

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What another week it has been at Rangers.

We are here once again as a Support not knowing who to Trust or knowing what the hell is going on.

Once again we have splits in who believes who. I personally am not of the belief thats it’s the Big Bad Newspapers that are making all the claim and counter claim up. To many folk believed that the last time with ‘Billionaire’ Craig Whyte remember? Of course the newspapers will sensationalise things in order to get people interested, but in amongst the crazy stuff there are truths that the fans should be aware of long before its splashed all over the front and back pages of the newspapers.

First my thoughts on Craig Whyte. The guy is a Liar. He should be in Jail. As I write this Ticketus have won the legal case against him and are now owed £17 mil from Old ‘Googley Eyes’ so I guess it is no surprise that he has now come forward with his Dick Tracy recorder and his playing of all his dealings with Charles Green, Imran Ahmed and Co. As others have said we have only heard segments of recordings and if there was anything wholly damning of the Green Consortium purchase of the club surely these tapes would be with the Courts and not with The Scottish Sun? Mind you David Murray was ‘duped’ by Craig Whyte (No Laughing at the back) so maybe he isn’t as daft as he looks? (He is).

Charles Green tells us it was actually he who ‘duped’ Craig Whyte in order that he could get control of our Club. As many others have pointed out Brian Kennedy alluded previous to the fact that anyone who wanted Rangers had to find a way of acquiring Craig Whyte’s shares. So maybe this was a ‘necessary evil’ ? Again I understand that. It doesn’t sit right with me hearing recordings of Charles Green laughing away with Craig Whyte and talking about various ‘deals’ but maybe thats just how it had to go down.

What I do have an issue with however is the receiving of monies from Whyte and his Associates by our Chief Executive. Last week Green just dropped it in to a conversation like it was nothing of relevance. I thought Charles Green only ever met Craig Whyte once? Now he is telling us he received £137,000 into an account but it hasn’t been touched and Whyte wouldn’t take it back? Now in addition there was a further payment that we know of £25,000? Is this all part of the ‘Duping’ process? I’m just not so sure.

Why are we only hearing these things from Charles Green now? I recall there would be ‘Full Transparent Governance’ of Rangers when our New Regime came in. Now I am not a gambling man but if I was I would hazard a guess that our Board of Directors were not aware of this ‘duping’ money from Craig Whyte and if they were I would like to know why the fans weren’t aware? This man nearly killed our football club and yet our Chief Executive has lied about his meetings with him and also just decided to drop in that he received money from him. If there was nothing sinister in it why not just tell us long before now via official club channels?

Last week also seen Charles Green again bring Rangers unwanted attention for off the field remarks talking of his ‘Paki Mate’ Imran Ahmed and his former ‘Darkie’ Team mate. I was quite staggered but should we be surprised? From Day One Charles Green has made comment after nonsensical comment at the club. He has hit the target with fans at his various Q&As telling the fans what they wanted to hear. Talk of Kit Deals, Commercial Tie ups, Feeder Clubs, Various ridiculous amounts of money and Investors that just didn’t come to fruition. You see that’s all fine but at some point the lies catch up with you. Charles Green has promised so many things now that have been rubbished at just about every corner. Last nights Peter Smith interview highlighting his ‘Dallas Cowboys Link Up’ and ‘Man Utd. wanting Rangers playing in England’ being absolute nonsense. Some will say Green making these throwaway soundbites are just harmless and trying to generate interest in the club. It’s not though it is embarrassing and further brings into question just how many lies Charles Green tells? Some have defended Green saying his ‘Paki’ and ‘Darkie’ remark is just harmless and think everyone has gone ‘PC Mad’ as Green also pointed out. I just dismiss that as complete Garbage. This is 2013 and No Chief Executive of a Business let alone an Institution such as Rangers should make any remarks like that. Green talks about the ‘Global Brand’ of Rangers and how he is looking to increase it? Well Charles those kind of remarks are exactly what WON’T help the Club achieve that.

Charles Green is like a friend at a Karaoke who has had to much to drink. They think that everyone wants to hear them and grabs the microphone. For the first song or so it is quite funny but becomes very tiresome very quickly.

We are at a point now where divisions in support rear their heads again unfortunately. Some say Green raised £22.5 mil and ‘Saved Rangers’ via his network of associates all over the World. He has fought the good fight with Scottish Football and didn’t accept the stripping of titles when offered as a ‘deal’ last Summer. Can I disagree with that? Maybe in parts but if the £22.5 mil is sat in a bank account I can’t knock him for that, How could I?

Other Fans will say they just don’t Trust him. I am one of them. He has lied about a few things that we know of, some more important than others but he has lied nonetheless. What else don’t we know? He has began to ‘cut the cloth accordingly’ in a very cut throat manner and continues on a daily basis to contradict what our Manager says. The Club says there is no issue between Green and McCoist? I don’t believe that for a second. I have said previous I do not rate Ally as a Manager but I just don’t agree with what I think looks like a way of forcing him to exit the club by Green without him getting his hands dirty. It’s just not right. Again just my opinion. This along with the continued association with Whyte is enough for me to say I would have Green removed at the soonest possible convenience. But it isn’t just that. It’s Greens overall demeanour. Ally McCoist spoke of Rangers ‘Standards’ today and I can’t help but agree they have dropped somewhat alarmingly on and off the park.

We have Ally saying his team with a wage bill of £7 million deserve more praise for winning SFL 3 ? I’ll disagree with that. But then nor can you agree with Green Publicly saying we have the ‘Worst Rangers Team Ever’ (whether it is or isn’t) I just don’t see it as the Rangers Way. Standards?

So as it stands I find it all quite tricky. I don’t rate Ally McCoist as a Manager and I don’t rate Charles Green as a Chief Executive. I don’t think I am alone in that assessment and that is a worry. Especially with Season Ticket renewal just around the corner.

My Hope is that with Walter Smith, Malcolm Murray & Ian Hart at Rangers we still have enough people who know what our Club is about to deal with what is going on just now.

I’d love to know where Jim Traynor is these days also. The man hired to be our ‘Head of Media Communication’ has been silent since his last opinion piece the night before the EBT Decision. If as Green says he is writing the book on the Charles Green story he may want to prioritise a bit better. The Club release statement after statement and yet we still seem to get no further forward.

There will be a Board Meeting of the Directors and Shareholders at the Club come August (If not sooner) and Green says if they decide he should go he will leave with a ‘tear in the eye’ for having to leave Rangers. I myself would not shed a single tear for a man I do not see fitting of Our Club.

With Rangers we just want it to be about the Football. Remember those days?

So  for the reasons above, Charles Green “I’m Out”