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Dave King – It Isn’t Just About The Money

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On May 16th 2013 I wrote on my Blog

‘It’s no longer a Knight I want to fix this. It is a King………….’

I wrote that back then because I could see where we were heading. Long before that I had predicted that the promises being made by Charles Green and others were just not happening. It became clearer as each week passed that the amount of the IPO money that was to be used for the day to day ‘Running Costs’ at the club were going to be far higher than initially suggested. The accounts have all but reaffirmed that. Was I surprised? No not in the slightest.

It appears the majority of the fans are now looking for change. By enlarge the Rangers family want rid of the current incumbents and replaced appropriately. When Charles Green took the club previous he promised it would be all about ‘Transparency and full corporate governance’ we the fans would see clearly where every penny was spent and any monies raised would be spent on Rangers. Well unfortunately that isn’t how it has transpired, and we find ourselves running low on monies once again.

People often ask me what it is I am looking for from a Board running Rangers and the answer is actually quite funny. All I want is what Charles Green promised. I want to know that money invested in Rangers by Fans, Institutional Investors, Investors etc. is used for the benefit of Rangers Football Club. I want full transparency and I want the club to be ran using a viable business model.

For far to long Rangers have lined pockets of others whilst the club has been allowed to decay from within. This isn’t exclusive to following the Craig Whyte debacle either. We have squandered millions upon millions for years at Rangers making a lot of people rich. Board members, management, players, staff etc. and it needs to stop.

Walter Smith who is one of very few good guys in this sorry affair said the other day that the financials at Rangers sometimes had to be disregarded because it was Rangers and the size of the club dictated that we needed as strong a team as possible on the field of play. I don’t blame Walter Smith for saying that, that is what he is accustomed to and he is a football manager, not a businessman. But you see that is where Rangers are massively flawed. You see ‘the financials’ as it were are of the upmost importance at any football club, and Rangers quite simply cannot be any different. So soon after administration and liquidation of the company that ran Rangers one would think that would of now became abundantly clear. But alas I’m not sure it actually hits home with some.

This last week there was great debate about the salary Ally McCoist received for managing in the 4th tier of scottish football. He received £835,000. Yes that’s right you read that correctly. He received £135,000 more than Michael Laudrup was paid for winning a trophy and getting Swansea into Europe. Many were up in arms that this was made public and was used in a way to deflect criticism away from the board and their ludicrous salaries. But you know what? I am glad I know. Regardless of how good or bad a manager Ally McCoist is the fact he was on a salary of anywhere near that amount is quite simply financial suicide. Regardless of who the man is and what he has been through whilst Rangers manager it is still financial suicide. It should never have been paid regardless of our predicament. But so soon after what happened at our club for the gaffer to think £835,000 a year was okay as we were in a better place (we really weren’t) is just utter utter nonsense. Ally has since agreed to a 50% pay cut but was at pains to inform all that once we return to the SPFL the salary will revert to what was originally agreed. That quote is wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. But as it’s Ally McCoist I guess I’ll need to keep my lips sealed.

At the running rate we are currently at we stand to have about £6 million in the bank. With each month passing that will obviously get lower so at some point we will need external investment. Lets all be completely honest and admit it isn’t coming from anyone currently at the club. I see diddly squat coming from the likes of the Easdale’s no matter what Mr Irvine tells us,  so it was of no surprise to hear that Brian Stockbridge and Craig Mather had flown to South Africa to see one Dave King. Initially I was fearful as being honest I would prefer for the current board to be gone before Dave King becomes involved. I would like for Dave King’s money to go to Rangers, not some blazer wearers pockets. Over the last few days though it has become abundantly clear that there is indeed some truth to this story. It is now being suggested Dave King will be made club chairman and will be looking to invest substantial sums. This news coming on the day Ian Hart has resigned from the board of the club.

If Dave King has agreed in principle to being club chairman this can only be a good thing. First it will be on his terms. He has requested full financial transparency. He wants under the bonnet of our financials and if he doesn’t get that then the deal could be off. Craig Mather has no position of power here. He knows the heat is on him and his cronies and he needs a Dave King to try and steady his ship. Not just for the investment but for the link to fans. In the same way Charles Green went after Walter Smith. But the difference here is Dave King is a very different beast, you see he does know how business works unlike Walter who admitted numerous times it was not a world he lived in. Dave King could buy and sell any of our board in a day. He has more money than them and is far more business minded. He was associated with the old board some have said. Yes he was. He invested £20 million of his own money and requested no return on it. Who else did that? Ever? He disagreed with the way David Murray ran the club and in later years it effected his relationship with him. He along with Paul Murray and others tried to stop Craig Whyte ‘duping’ David Murray but alas that failed. Being honest I don’t think anyone was ever stopping David Murray selling to Whyte.

My own thoughts are that Dave King will become chairman if his requests are met and what will follow will be the offloading of the current regime. Through highlighting of incompetence from within or otherwise. I don’t think Dave King after all this time and 12 years of battles with SARS away from Rangers is willing to take this battle on unless he knows he will win his beloved club. Thats just my take on it.

For me though this isn’t just about Dave King coming in and throwing millions of pounds at it and Rangers living happily ever after. There has to be far more to it. We need a new business model where we become self sustaining and only spend what we make. Dave King has stated numerous times we will need external investment to help us get back to the top and to assist us when we get there. He can do that. But we need to look past that. We need to spend our money far more wisely. Invest in match day experience. Invest in scouting, coaching and player development. These are all investments that will make money for the club. Lets not get back to the days where it is all about spending to solve every problem. Football is about more than that these days. Our club is lazy on and off the field and that needs to change. If management on and off the field aren’t ready to embrace that then they need to be replaced by people who are.

Dave King is one of us. He is one of us with a lot of money. There are not many of those around. He wants what is best for Rangers and that can never really be called into question. For us to have someone that understands the business mechanism of the club who can tell us the truth is something we have not had for a long long time. And if it happens I will welcome it with open arms. If King provides a share issue where it is explained to us exactly where our money is going I’m sure the fans would invest again.

But we will remain on guard. We quite simply have to. So many were duped by the ‘No Surrender Charles Green’ nonsense and took him far to much at his word. Following the Craig Whyte debacle I promised I would question everything surrounding our club. We should never stop asking questions of the people that run the club we love. If there is nothing to hide people should never have problems giving the answers, Don’t you think?

So yes I want Dave King. He is the guy I have wanted all along. But this isn’t just about throwing money at something and going back to the way we were. This is about us getting better. This is about building the best Rangers we can be. I am hopeful Dave King can help us achieve that. It isn’t just about the money.