Never Mind McCoist Or Green. How About Both?

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Well it’s Sunday. Rangers have had another embarrassing early exit from a cup competition to a part time football team made up of window cleaners, janitors and the like. The line up as we take as a gimme was a bunch of players played out of position in a formation we don’t agree with. On Friday the official Rangers website told us we were down to the ‘bare bones’, we only had in excess of 20 senior professionals to take on the mighty Forfar Athletic. Again let’s not be surprised as we are fed this nonsense time and time again, it doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. Ally went with a 451 with the lone striker being Andy Little who Ally says is not actually a striker, go figure. Jig was shoehorned in at centre half and an actual centre half returning from injury Chris Hegarty was shunted out to right back, a position Chris played last season but didn’t really shine in. In the meantime a player whose main position in his career has been right back and has impressed there this season Kyle McAusland was placed on the bench. Again no one will be surprised with this because Ally regular picks formations and player line ups that leave the fans scratching their heads more often than not. Awful football, awful effort levels and all the usual trimmings were there. Jig pulling rank on free kicks, you know the one where someone rolls the ball to him and by the time he reaches the ball the wall has broke and is centimetres away from it so it is effortlessly blocked. So as the game finished following extra time (may I remind you this was against Forfar Athletic) and Forfar were the deserved victors we were given this in our post match interview by our manager –

“I’m very disappointed. The team shooting with the wind obviously had a very strong advantage and conditions weren’t ideal. Forfar adapted better than us.

“With that said, once we did get the equaliser I thought we had chances to win the game and we should have done. It was a moment of slackness that cost us and we just switched off.

“Let’s put things into perspective though. It was last year’s team playing – which did well for us last year – and we had eight lads in the stand who couldn’t play but who’ll feature.”

Oh so the wind didn’t help us, it was last years team playing (Ally’s team) and Forfar adapted better than us? Oh well thats alright then is it? As I write this I still can’t actually believe this is expected to come across an actual explanation as to what happened. Following the game the Charles Green outburst also happened where Ally declared Charles Green “An Embarrassment”. Well Ally that may all be well and good, I myself have never been a fan of Chuck and his ‘Rangersitis’ but I could also counter that by saying have a look at the wage bill and players you have at your disposal, the facilities you have and just have a look at your managerial record. I could also say that is ’embarrassing’. What happened on the pitch yesterday was nothing to do with Charles Green. What has happened in just about every competition since Ally McCoist has been manager of Rangers have been down to a manager who is out of his depth. A manager who shows part time teams the respect Walter Smith used to show the likes of Barcelona, Manchester United, Fiorentina etc.

Add Forfar Athletic to Stirling Albion, Annan Athletic, Peterhead to the teams that have beaten Rangers and yesterday really isn’t much of a surprise. Nor is the manner in which we lost.  Sad as it is. That is the reality.

Ally McCoist the man? Without equal. Ally McCoist the player? One of the Best. Ally McCoist as a Manager? Just no.

Formations, Tactics, Team selections. It is the same week in, week out and the same various excuses are wheeled out. I’m sorry they are just not acceptable. This is Ally’s 3rd campaign in charge of Rangers and of course there has been a lot to deal with but he is just not made out to be a football manager. I spoke with a senior Scotland international recently about Ally as a manager and he himself said it would not work in the long run.

“Ally is a great guy on the training ground, Always ready for a laugh and a joke. But I can’t see how that would translate to being a manager”

Under Walter Smith you always knew there was a fear factor when needed, how many times would the players be going through the motions first half then come out after half time like a different team? I read countless interviews where players said if Walter walked into a room and he wasn’t happy you would just know, you knew it was time to get your finger out. I just don’t see that in Ally and I certainly don’t see it translating on the pitch. I recall an interview on one of my old Rangers videos where Graeme Souness used to say to the players that before an Old Firm game there was a mirror on the back of the door of the changing room, if when the game was finished they couldn’t look themselves in that mirror then they had no place at Rangers. My God can you imagine that now? You’d have the likes of Naismith and Hutton making sure their hair looked alright. The standards are just not there.

This isn’t just down to Ally, far from it it. Unfortunately though as Manager it his responsibility ultimately. Yet in post match there is always an excuse, and let’s be honest by enlarge the excuses are just awful.

Rangers are the most successful club in the world because we have always been winners with a winning mentality, to just accept continued decline in attitude is a very dangerous game to play and we cannot let it go on.

Now to off the field. That brings us to Charles ‘Rangersitis’ Green and his big money taking hands from Yorkshire.


My feelings have been very clear on Chuck for a long time. The man is a proven liar and during his tenure was an embarrassment to Rangers football club. The man contributed to the IPO success (however much of it is left) and past that went on what I would call a ‘bullshit rodeo’ to various supporters clubs all over the world and went on to tell each crowd what they wanted to hear. Some well renowned fans lapped it up when they really should of known better, some still are. The investigation into his links with Craig Whyte found there was no wrongdoing but it was still proven he lied about his relationship with old Googley Eyes. Then came his declaration about ‘Darkie Johnson and his paki pal Imran Ahmed’. The man has no place at Rangers and the sooner he and his faceless Zeus Capital pals are away from our club the better.

Yesterday following another day of lunacy at Rangers the battle lines appeared to be drawn along the lines of ‘Green out’ or ‘McCoist out’ . For this Bear my shout would be

‘How about both?’


Virtual Gers App by appeartome – Fun With Substance

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If like me you take your smartphone everywhere with you, you were probably intrigued like I was when the Virtual Gers App by appeartome was released a couple of weeks ago. Being able to keep up to date with all things Rangers when I am out and about is very important to me. Alongside the Official Rangers application this a welcome addition to the smartphone app world and is packed with features and content.

On downloading the app for free I immediately updated the app to get full functionality which cost an additional £2.99 which I think is completely reasonable. On opening the app for the first time I found the user interface to be very user friendly and intuitive.


The headline feature with the app is the revolutionary 3d holograms of Rangers players past and present that you can add to photos of your own liking. I must admit it has had me entertained adding legends like Ally McCoist or Jorg Albertz on top of my coffee table etc. The results are simple but effective. Rangers have fans all over the world so its a great utility to get your picture taken with your Rangers hero no matter where you are in the world, Or like me you may just want Ally McCoist stood on top of your television.


Hopefully as time passes more Rangers heroes past and present will be added to the user interface to further enhance the user experience.

Once the novelty of the photo app wears off I was a bit concerned the app wouldn’t offer much in the way of extra content. On inspecting further I found that not to be the case. One swipe to another screen and you find Club Legend Andy Goram the man us Rangers fans simply know as ‘The Goalie’ interviewing Rangers players past and present on their various favourite moments at Rangers and in their careers. I’ll be honest and say I favour the Legends interviews as it took me back to the times I seen them in our 9IAR days. A lot of what the players say brings a smile to this Rangers fans face.


I must make special mention to the clothes Fraser Aird and Bert Konterman are wearing in their interviews. Hopefully the fashion police won’t take notice. Again hopefully in future further updates will see additional players added to the list of players Andy Goram gets to interview. One other possibility could be highlights of players questioned when discussing their memories, maybe show them on the app.

Once I watched each of the interviews I jumped to the next screen which took me to audio of various club interviews which varied from chats with Ally McCoist pre game, Andy Mitchell talking about extending his stay at the club, Henning Berg talking about his time at Rangers and much more. Again the user experience was very smooth and problem free.


In addition to this fixtures, results, match reports etc. are all easily accessible again with just one swipe.


Another interesting feature is the club Twitter feed which again is available at one swipe, which is kept up to date 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, personally I find it a vital source of official Rangers news.


Finally there is the Rangers News feed. This has brilliant content from all aspects of the club and again is very easy to use.


In conclusion I think the Virtual Rangers app is a brilliant way of keeping up to date on all things Rangers. The user experience is great and very smooth running. Having interview content from club Legends like Andy Goram is a bonus as you can see first hand the camaraderie there is at Rangers from generations past and present. I found the operating system very smooth and very rarely did the app crash which is always a great sign with a new app. My only small gripe would be the background music during Andy Goram’s interviews as it was maybe a wee bit to much ’70s disco’ for me but that is a very minor issue in an otherwise great user experience. Maybe in future the app could add push notifications for up to date club news which would be great to have.

If your a Rangers fan may I suggest you would struggle to find a better way of spending £2.99 on this app. Great fun with substance.

So Far So Good – Still Work To Be Done

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Well here we are in the middle of July. Pre Season is well under way, we have played 3 games and things are shaping up nicely on the park it seems. 3 Wins, 0 goals conceded,  4 goals scored. Having an actual Pre Season is nice for both the fans and no doubt the club.

As the season ended we wanted a lot of change at Rangers. Both on the field and off the field. Ally has signed 7 players and he wants more. Daly, Smith, Peralta, Foster, Law, Bell and Clark have all arrived. Would I have signed each of these players ? Probably not, but these are the guys Ally wanted and now he has got them. He is said to want to sign 2 centre backs in Boris Pandza and trialist Bilel Mohsni and also apparently wants another striker ( Please not Miller or Novo ) and another goalkeeper. That will complete the set for Ally and allow him to take us forward for stage 2 of the trip back to the top. This is all fine and everything but our squad really needs reduced further. Neil Alexander, Dorin Goian, Carlos Bocanegra and Kane Hemmings have all left the club and Kal Naismith is currently on a trial at Accrington Stanley but even then we are still far to high in numbers.

Bell, Gallacher, Argyriou, Hegarty, MacAusland, Foster, Mitchell, Cribari, Faure, Perry, Wallace, Smith, Peralta, Law, MacLeod, Hutton, Black, Templeton, Shiels, McKay, Aird, Stoney, Clark, Daly, Little, McCulloch, Cole, Gasparotto, Crawford and Naismith.

That is a squad of 30 players. Yes 30. That I am afraid is just far to much. Add to that another 3 signings Ally wants and that takes us to 33 and we can all see the need for exits from the club. Now bare in mind last season with a £7 mil a year wage bill for players we were losing £1 million pounds a month I’m sure we all become clear that we need to drastically reduce this cost base. High earners such as Alexander, Bocanegra and Goian leaving will help as the player brought in are said to be on nowhere near as high wages and understandably so. The problem is now we have players such as Ian Black who are on £7,000 per week plus bonus who clubs will just not touch. I regularly tweet about 10 players from the list I gave that we could get rid of that would not hinder us greatly but I am always met with the same response, ‘who would want them? and who would pay their wages?’ and to be honest that is the dilemma we are facing. Last season we won SFL 3 at a canter but can anyone say hand on heart they were impressed by any of our players week in week out? You could argue the case for MacLeod (pre injury) , Little and Wallace maybe but they are not the players we want to be rid of, they are the players we should be building around. So that will be tough for Craig Mather the new permanent Chief Executive to take care of. But it quite simply must be done.

Ally has his players now and as Ian Durrant said today in an interview there are now ‘no excuses’ for this team going into the next season. The off season has seen a refreshing honesty from most at the club on what happened last season. Ally McCoist spoke at length about what last season was lacking and where he will fix it going into next season and it was good to hear. Did I agree with all he had to say? No, however he warrants this chance to put things right. He has his players, the ones he wanted. He has a pre season. He has a new head of sports science. He has a far quieter boardroom. He can focus on the pitch and does not need to be sidetracked by what is happening off it.  So as Ian Durrant said there really is ‘no excuses’. Rangers have the 2nd highest wage bill in Scotland. Rangers have the best training facilities in Scotland. Rangers have the best support in Scotland. All of these things cannot be disputed. So now Ally has to show he can manage this team and get us back to the top and display a level of football that is acceptable to our deserving fans.


As for our fans…. What can I say? 32,000 season tickets sold and more being sold every day. Nothing ever surprises me with our support. In the 3rd tier of scottish football and in a tough economic climate for the club to sell in excess of 32,000 tickets is just Phenomenal. The fans show at each turn they truly are ‘Simply The Best’.

At Boardroom level there appears to be a bit more sense of decorum, Maybe a certain Walter Smith has assisted in that aspect? Each day doesn’t appear to have continued leaked stories to enemies of the club and we appear to be on the back pages a lot more than the front pages which is very welcome for this Bear. Craig Whyte appears to be running out of options and as each sensationalist accusation is made they are swatted away with quick response or complete disregard. Charles ‘Rangersitis’ Green is away and his wee pal Ahmed also. How much did that cost us? I’m sure we will find out in due course. Malcolm Murray is also away as is Phillip Cartmell which always appeared inevitable. All that has gone on at board level is unclear and until the audited accounts are released I will reserve judgement.

James Easdale is on the board now and to be honest I am not comfortable with that at all. He and his brother don’t have the greatest of reputations and ultimately I don’t see where they can assist in running one of Scotland’s biggest institutions. Again we will have to see how that plays out.

Once the accounts are published then we can see where we are. How much is left of the IPO money? What has it been spent on? What are our operating costs? What happened to stadium sponsorship deal with Sports Direct? What happened to Club museum idea? What happened to Stadium renovation? What happened to Edmiston House plans? Maybe they are all underway but maybe they are not. The club has the responsibility to tell us the state of play and hopefully we will see that. If the IPO money has been spent on operating costs alone then we have a problem. What happens when that money runs out? What are we doing to prevent that happening?

So as you can see we still have a lot of unanswered questions. Lets hope the Rangers Family get some forthcoming answers.

So Far So Good. But there is still work to be done.

Rangers – What Is Actually Going On? Anyone?

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Here we are in the middle of June and I have a lot more questions than answers right now. Questions I thought would be a lot clearer by now but as we hurtle towards July I find myself absolutely mystified at the lack of actual hard information coming from Ibrox. Obviously the fact that there is an ongoing power struggle at the club does not help us. In recent times we have seen Walter Smith made Chairman which given what was happening I could understand. He said himself the next day when he was interviewed at a golf day that it was never his intention to take the role but he was honoured all the same. He pointed out that we needed the board to pull together and help move the club forward. Again all this was fine but as I write this there is still the issue of other shareholders James Easdale and James Morgan wanting Malcolm Murray and Phillip Cartmell removed from the board and replaced by themselves. That is ongoing and I am not sure how it will pan out. In recent days we have seen new people buy shareholdings within the club. Laxey Partners Ltd and yesterday Kieron Prior have both bought just over 1% in the club. Will that lead to anything else? I’m not really sure but again it shows that it appears Non Rangers people are more keen to invest money as opposed to actually talk about it, Yes Mr King, Mr Murray and pals I am talking about you.

So the situation in our boardroom is as always clear as mud. The fans don’t know which was to turn and as always we seem to be the last to hear about well, anything. Craig Mather recently appeared at the NARSA convention and once again appeared to say all the right things (who hasn’t though) and claims to know who are the enemies of Rangers and will act when the time is right. Well you will excuse me if I disregard your soundbites Mr Mather as we have all heard it before, many times. Craig Mather again stated he wants the CEO role permanently and that’s fine. But I would counter that by saying past allowing Ally to sign 5 players what have you actually done? What is the plan? What is the vision? because unless I am missing something I don’t actually see what you have done other than allow 5 signings and give a few interviews and soundbites? Enough to be the CEO of Rangers despite having no previous experience? I would say probably not. When Craig Mather was made ‘Interim’ Chief Executive it was stated by the club we would advertise the job and speak to applicants, which is exactly what we should of done. Have we done that? I’m not so sure. If we haven’t, why not? As a club do Rangers still just have no vision or planning? Is it all about the now and day to day? It shouldn’t be, there is no excuse.

Yesterday it was mooted that the RFFF money may be used for a club museum, wasn’t that what part of the IPO £22.5 million was to be used for? Which brings me to my next point. How much is left of the IPO money and what has the money been spent used for? When the IPO money was raised we were told it would be used partially for Operating costs but also for many other things that would help us move forward as a club. We would see stadium enhancements, Edmiston House would be renovated and we would see a new club megastore, a new ticket office, a club museum. Now maybe all this is happening but nothing has been suggested by the club in official channels to suggest any of this happening other that the airport and Belfast stores being opened and the new screens at Ibrox? Not sure how much of that £22.5 million would of been used for that. Now if we are as is being reported down to the last £7-8 million of the IPO money I would have to ask why that has been allowed to happen and what are we doing to remedy it? We have increased our squad by 5 players of whom we needed but we need a clear out, its pretty much a necessity as our wage bill is just ridiculous. Now that can’t happen until the window opens but I hope departures are swift and calculated as we currently not a sustainable business, that is just fact. What happens when the IPO money runs out? We quite simply have to be ran at a break even self sustainable level. 

Now I may be ‘Miles Away’ here and things might be happening behind the scenes but it appears as a club we just continue to exist. As a club I have said for sometime we are only ‘Reactive’ as opposed to ‘Pro-active’ and it stinks. What on earth was James Traynor brought to the club for? Is there any planning? Will we replace Neil Murray? If not, why not? When is Murray Park being renamed? How will we make Murray Park more productive? Will the Stadium Sponsorship with Sports Direct go ahead? What will the stadium look like if it does (we were promised illustrations by Charles ‘Rangersitis’ Green months ago) ?

When you sit and think of the last 12 months we have been told so much yet so little has actually happened. Yet with Walter Smith being wheeled out and few new signings the clubs biggest investor the Fans are expected once again just to pour their money in no questions asked. And honestly, I think that stinks.

The club need to communicate what the hell is going on. Not to some Supporters group with a couple of thousand of members to pass it on. To every fan that puts money in the clubs bank account. Our fans are without equal and continue to amaze me with their loyalty and continued backing of the club. But at some point the club need to tell us just what is going on and just what ‘the plan’ is. If you do that Mr Mather and Co. then maybe we can consider you as a full time custodian of our great institution. If you can’t do it then you have no right to want the CEO role at Rangers on a permanent basis.

Tell us what is going on…………

Departures As Well As Arrivals Required

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Oh My Goodness. This week has been rather pleasant hasn’t it?

Ally wanted Jon Daly, Nicky Clark, Nicky Law & Cammy Bell. And he got them.

In future when doing all transfer dealings can we send Super Ally off white water rafting? That way we get no “48 hours” chat nonsense and just get the deal done? It’s been very refreshing just seeing the signings done. I mean everyone knew about Bell for a long time but the other deals seemed concluded and announced with minimum fuss. Who do we thank for that? Mather? Stockbridge? I don’t know but long it may continue.

On the signings I am by enlarge delighted. Cammy Bell was a Young keeper I always saw coming and I imagine will be on far less wages than Neil Alexander, I also think he is a better keeper. Nicky Clark has just scored over 40 goals in the league we are entering, he is a Rangers man and his father played for Rangers so knows what it is all about. At 21 I just file this signing under ‘No Brainer. Nicky Law I am surprised we have actually been able to get. Again at 25 age is on his side and he is a signing we badly need to give our midfield a bit more urgency, there was interest from the English Championship and more money by all accounts but he has made the right choice. Then finally we have signed Jon Daly. Personally I couldn’t care less about his religion or where he is from, none of the Rangers family really care despite what the gutter rags will tell you. All I care about is his ability to make Ranger better. His goal record isn’t great and his knees are said to be suspect, I won’t lie that concerns me. He looks similar in attributes to Lee McCulloch and I don’t mean that as a compliment, but Ally wanted him and he got him so he will receive my full backing.

What happens next? Well it appears there are more players to come in. Arnold Peralta, Murray Davidson, Chris Humphrey, Tom Hateley and a few others are the names being mentioned amongst others so I presume there is more to come. Surely our defence will need strengthened and I hope we bring some physical presence in at the back. Earlier in the year we had interest in Andre Bikey and Craig Cathcart so they may still be of interest to the club so the new arrivals show no sign of letting up.

One thing the club must be conscience of though is that with new arrivals we quite simply must see departures. Remember we have the 2nd highest wage bill in Scotland and have been operating at a loss each month. We have also been using parts of our IPO money raised to sustain operating costs. Going into next year this simply cannot continue. In order to assist that we must bring down our current £7 mil wage bill that with more new arrivals will further increase.

In terms of who I would be comfortable in losing I could easily name Hemmings, Black, Hutton, Cole (Holiday Daz), Alexander, Perry, Naismith, Argyriou and Cribari as players I wouldn’t lose to much sleep over. In addition to that it is highly unlikely Dorin Goian and Carlos Bocanegra will play for Rangers again. In the case of Bocanegra that is a bit gutting as I love the guy and I think he loves Rangers. But with his wage and International ambitions I think he will be finding employment elsewhere, also his agent is actively trying to do that right now so sadly it appears Boca will move on. So that would be 10 players which is obviously unrealistic and some of the players will be in Ally’s plans no doubt but departures will have to happen. 

Next season is looking like it will shape up very differently from the season gone by and that is a good thing. Hopefully we won’t see another 1,765 trials of obscure players that leave as quickly as they arrive. Hopefully we will have a proper pre season. Hopefully somewhere along the way Ally will drop his awful one up top formation and we will get an actual style of football, we may even start playing players in their actual positions? What can be of no doubt is the time for excuses is looking like a thing of the past and so it should be. Next season Ally has to prove on the pitch he is the man to take our Great club back to the top. Our football has to greatly improve and Ally needs to be judged not in the boardroom but on the pitch. I’m sure Ally wouldn’t have it any other way. As I’ve said numerous times I have doubts about Ally McCoist ‘the Manager’ (The Man is without equal)  but I hope he proves me and many others wrong. It appears for the first time in a long time the board is actually helping him and getting him the players he wants.

So we have interesting times ahead. Once again on and off the field but for now lets just be happy that we have brought in some new additions who will genuinely improve our team. It’s refreshing. Don’t you think?

The One Man I Want To Hear From

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Anyone else’s first thought when they wake up these days ‘I wonder what we will be on the front pages for today? I wonder who is smearing who in the national press? I wonder whose side I will be on now? Yeah thats me as well. I have never nor will I ever be embarrassed to say I love Rangers or that it is my Club, but My Goodness these are tough times.

My gran was a huge influence on my supporting of Rangers, growing up we would sit in the house and listen to games on the radio and right up until she passed away she would kick and head every ball. We lost her aged 91 and me and her would talk about what was happening at our club just about every day. Back then we spoke about only football, can anyone else remember that? I know its tough but thats how it used to be. Before Craig Whyte, before Newco, Sevco, Being duped, CVAs and all that jazz, just football. I am so glad my gran isn’t here to have to witness just what our club has become. We are Rangers in name only these days, that is the reality. 

Right now we have a lot more bad guys than good guys in club ties which is worrying for us all.


We have Charles ‘Rangeritis’ Green in the background with the largest shareholding in the club. He is still pulling strings and is attempting to move his shares on to the ‘Colourful’ Easdale brothers. The Easdale’s are the guys who have took to chatting to banned BBC journalist Chris McLaughlin on one of their buses about their interest in the club, one of them as we know was in jail for fraud but that was years ago so we shouldn’t worry apparently…… Erm okay. I can’t see any real wealth with the Easdale brothers so I can’t really see what their angle is? Regardless I want them nowhere near Rangers. 


Then we have Imran Ahmed. Well where do we start with the man that wants whats best for the ‘Company’ sorry the ‘Club’? The guy is very clearly a slug. Taking to fans forums to get information that is confidential out in the public domain. Now he is leaking actual phone conversations and videos as ways of discrediting other parties on the board, Very Classy Imran.  Mr Ahmed speaks of what is best for the ‘Company’ well Imran I’ll tell you this, We are a Club and you are not what is ‘Best for it’. Video recordings and recorded conversations may be what you and your pal Mr Whyte think is an appropriate way of doing things but unless you are Dick Tracy it really isn’t the way to go. Nor is the aggressive intimidating manner in which he spoke with our chairman on the conversations we have now mostly all heard. An absolutely disgraceful way to speak to anyone let alone the Chairman of the club. The sooner Mr Ahmed is no longer attached to our club the better.


Today we have our Financial Director Brian Stockbridge being outed as the man recording footage of our Chairman looking slightly worse for wear. Again Mr Stockbridge completely embarrassing. It does nothing for the club and really shows you to be no better than some of your fellow board members. Completely inappropriate. Again leave as soon as you like.


The other half to the videos is the conduct of the Chairman of Rangers Football Club Malcolm Murray. Well Malcolm I defended you last week as it appears you are being isolated within the club and blamed for all kinds but on this occasion I cannot defend you. His excuse to his pal Keith Jackson in the Record today is that he was ‘kept waiting for a table and plied with drink. This on top of his medical condition’ contributed to him being clearly worse for wear. My Goodness Malcolm how old are you? 14. He is the Chairman of Rangers Football Club not in charge of a bowls club. The prestige of his position should ensure he isn’t seen out and about in such states. Also his timid responses on the phone to Imran Ahmed when questioned on his behaviour was not what I would call impressive. Unfortunately despite Malcolm’s clear allegiance to Rangers it appears this job is to big for him. Probably best that he leaves also.


This brings us to Craig Mather Rangers Interim Chief Executive. Well what I can tell you about him just now? Well he kissed a tiger once, he has very good hair and thats about it. He has came out saying all the right things as many have and on the surface seems to be backing Ally with his signing targets. As I say this is all on the surface and nothing has actually happened yet. He invested £1 million of his own cash so I can’t really knock him, yet. I’ll give him the opportunity to see what he can do. A long term option as Chief Executive? I wouldn’t of thought so. But at the moment he is way down my list of concerns.


As a Fan base where are we at? Well as is always the case  with the Rangers Family sadly we are divided. Ultimately we all want what is best for the club but there are just to many divisions and its really heartbreaking. It’s Season Ticket renewal time and if the fans could act as a collective we could have a real say on the future of the club. Unfortunately it just doesn’t seem likely. Some say hold fire on season tickets until we know which direction we are going in, some say buy the season tickets because the club needs our money. Both arguments are right and I can’t disagree with folk who do either. Our Fans Groups continue to stand largely silent on what is actually going on and continue to ask for Fan Ownership via Proxy of shares already bought by fans and increased purchase of shares. For me the Fans Groups should be making a lot more noise about more pressing issues but as I am not a member of said organisations I can’t really argue otherwise. Even if I was I am not sure my voice would be heard. The truth and reality that some don’t like to hear is that the biggest membership any of the fans groups have is 2,500. 2,500 out of how many? The membership is so minuscule in the grand scheme of how many fans we have it is no wonder they don’t generate more following. The faces that people identify with the Fans Groups are not well thought of by large sections of the support and that also hinders them. I have never met any of them so wouldn’t be able to comment on why that is. You only have to go on fans forums to see the infighting that goes on. It is very saddening. All that any of these people want is what is best for Rangers but unfortunately there appears to be a real lack of togetherness for some reason. That remains a mystery to me. I speak to a lot of Rangers fans and could name 20 straight away who I would stand alongside to drive us forward, but alas I just don’t see it happening.


So who do I want to speak up ? Well as it stands I can only think of one person. That persons name is Walter Smith. i have sat shaking my head as folk have said they would like to see Walter Smith leave the club. Why on earth could any Rangers fan at this time want that? We are being ran into the ground by people with no affiliation with Rangers, with no care for the Institution that we are. We are owned by enlarge by faceless investors who probably have never even been to Ibrox, they are dragging our club name through the dirt. Walter knows what Rangers is like you and I. This is his Club. He came back as a Manager and despite being a reluctant Non Executive Director he came back again when asked last year. Walter doesn’t want money from Rangers, he doesn’t want his name plastered all over the front and back pages. He wants what is Best for Rangers. Right now who else can you say that about? I back him 100%. I hope in the coming days Walter speaks out. If he says enough is enough and walks out that will speak volumes. Good luck shifting season tickets if he were to do that. He could speak out against the current regime. How would they react if Walter Smith said they were not the right men for our Club? Having Walter Smith where he is right now is like having a hand grenade behind enemy lines and Ahmed and co. probably know that. I for one am glad he is where he is and will continue to back him wholeheartedly. We know Walter, we know he is one of us and he wants what is Best for Rangers. 

The silence from Rangers currently is quite deafening. But next time we hear a voice lets hope it someone we can Trust, someone we actually believe, that someone is Walter Smith.

Rangers – What Happens Next ?

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I have put off writing my latest blog as it seems every time we form an opinion as a Rangers support something else comes along to muddy the waters further. We once again find ourselves in the unknown.

All we know is sickeningly what the ‘Banned’ BBC tell us via whomever the Mole is at Ibrox. It isn’t just the BBC, with each newspaper and website you read you see there are agendas all over the place. As a Fan all I want is what is best for Rangers, can the current stewards of our club confess the same? I’m not so sure. It appears to have turned into a bit of a battle in the boardroom. You have some directors (mostly all depending on who you believe) wanting Malcolm Murray gone. He has seemingly been asked to leave twice but he is not willing to do so. Is this right or wrong of him? Not one person can answer that question as we quite simply don’t know. Where as Charles Green would tell all and sundry the last time he went to the toilet Malcolm Murray has been the polar opposite. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Rangers these days are far to often on the front pages of newspapers these days as opposed to the back pages and it is becoming increasingly frustrating to see our clubs wellbeing represented like a schoolgirls fight in the playground. It has to stop and dealing with this behind doors is what should be happening. However on the flip side of that you have whoever is leaking info trying to make Malcolm Murray the fall guy. The guy that likes a tipple and is not brave enough to make bold decisions to assist the club when needed. Which one is it? As a Support we have no idea and that is the crux of the matter. What I will say is this. Malcolm Murray previously owned 25% of Manchester United and is well thought of in financial circles. He is said to have played a huge part in bringing city investors to Rangers when the IPO was launched. He is also known to be a big Rangers man. He doesn’t plead ‘Rangersitis’ as some less educated salesman do, he is what he is. So where I stand right now I find it hard to side against Malcolm Murray. Maybe he isn’t dynamic enough to take the club forward and a latter date may need replaced, maybe he himself realises that. He seems very reluctant to walk and I would like to know why that is.

Then we have the revelation that Charles Green is ready to sell his shares to the Easdale brothers. Charles Green who is very much clear it would seem of his bout of ‘Rangeritis’ is ready to allow these 2 characters to increase their shareholding in the club. Indeed part of the EGM called is to have Easdale and Chris Morgan put on to the board. Well what can I say? Errrrrrmmmm No. I can’t confess to knowing anything of the Easdale’s other than what I have read but really that should be all we need to know. One brother placed in jail for fraud over 10 years ago. Since then they are said to have built up a successful business employing nigh on 1000 folk. Thats fine they invested. But they want on the board? They want a say in the running of a Scottish Institution that is Rangers? No No No! I’ve searched the worldwide web and just can’t see where the money is coming from, they have quite a high turnover but where is their actual money? Their intentions may be honourable but after what we have encountered over these last few years I am sorry they just don’t come close to passing my ‘Stink Test’. Having watched the awful interview with Chris McLaughlin I just couldn’t believe that these 2 guys were sat with straight face and 3 eyebrows between them thinking they could sit on the board of our great club. Just No.

So where does that leave us?

Well as we stand we have a divided board with 2 maybe 3 factions trying to wrestle power at our club and the googley eyed one trying to cause bother still in the background. On Whyte my stance is this. If you think you have a legal claim to anything we will see you in Court, otherwise your 39 second recordings will continue to arouse our enemies but do nothing of substance for anyone that matters.


Do I want Malcolm Murray gone? No, not right now. I believe he wants what is best for Rangers, I believe he is digging his heels in for a reason. If its proven otherwise I will hold my hands up. But I categorically do not want Easdale on the board or getting any other shareholding within the club. I do not trust anyone of the Green set up currently at Rangers and I find it quite staggering that people continue to back Charles Green, to those people go and google Charles Green and see what he has promised the Rangers fans over his short tenure. He is a liar and a bullshitter, is this unfair? No it is just factual. From his initial ‘There will be £30 mil dropped into the bank day one’ to ‘I have 3 Billionaires ready to invest’ to ….. well to anything you can think of. The guy is a liar who is out to make as much money as he can, I’d imagine his cronies are here to do the same.

Do I want things to stay the same? Most certainly not. Our current business model is quite simply unsustainable. We are currently losing £1 million a month, That is just frightening and cannot be allowed to continue. With a playing staff wage bill of £7 million and Ally crying out for players I just find myself shaking my head on a daily basis. We have the 2nd highest wage bill in Scotland and a very poor team ultimately. Players on wages that are just incredible and wouldn’t be matched elsewhere. And Ally wants more! Well all I will say on that to our very quiet Interim CEO is as you said today you have a ‘duty of care’ to the club so tread very carefully. If as being suggested we now only have half of the original IPO money left due to operating costs well that is quite simply shameful. That money should be used to lay the foundations for the next 20/30 years. Scouting, coaching, development, not on topping up pensions for some more SPL journeymen. It needs radically changed. I’m not sure Ally gets that part of it, but that is for another day and another blog.

Jim McColl is another name repeatedly mentioned in circles as someone who may have an interest. I’m sorry but I can’t see why this guy is sat with £1 billion and has just allowed the last 2 years to happen, for that reason I can’t see him being a viable bidder. If I had half his money the club would of been bought and fixed a long time ago. Also it is reported by more than one that it was McColl who let Walter down when they tried to bid for the club when Green took over, so for that reason on McColl….I’m out.

What do I want? It is quite simple. I want people I can trust running Rangers. I want Dave King.

These last few days i have had heated exchanges with quite a few fans regarding King and that is fine, it’s because we all care right? But this is the guy I want. He knows Rangers. He gave £20 million of his own money to Rangers and never wanted anything back other than from Rangers to progress. His relationship with Murray deteriorated due to how Murray was running Rangers and one would have to say King was right to do so. Some have commented on when King threatened to sue Murray for the £20 mil due to the mismanagement of Murray, did it ever happen? No. I would put that down to the fact King was disillusioned as many were with Murray’s choice of purchaser of the club. Other arguments consist of ‘Well why hasn’t he bought Rangers before now?’ Well to that my answer is simple. Dave King has had legal battles of his own in recent times and his assets were frozen by the South African authorities. This has always prevented him doing anything financially. But now confidential agreements are in place and his assets are no longer frozen. Dave King has gone as far as contacting the SFA to see what his position would be should he wish to make a bid and I for one would hope the feedback will be positive. So he is my guy. Dave King. Some don’t agree and that’s fine. Ultimately we all want what is best for Rangers and we should never lose sight of that.

So in closing. It’s no longer a Knight I want to fix this. It is a King………….