Rangers – An Utter Shambles



Okay. I’ve slept on it. I expected it. I thought by expecting it and giving myself 24 hrs the feeling would maybe subside. It hasn’t. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed. I am angry.

What happened at Ibrox yesterday was a very low point in a somewhat embarrassing season. At 35 years of age I was raised on success at Rangers. I was raised on trophies. I was raised on footballers of a calibre. I was spoiled without even knowing it. Those days are long since gone. And you know what? After everything that has happened to our once great club (we will be great again)  I can just about accept it. For now.

Where my issues lie are that in the here and now I am just a little bit lost as to what the future holds for my club, for our club.

Rangers. The Most Successful Club in the World.


2 years ago Dave King and Co. swept in to Ibrox and took the club away (for the most part) from a Mike Ashley regime that was just about ready to bleed our club dry of everything it had left. We were promised proper corporate governance, Transparency and above all else the truth. I like many other Bears always wanted Dave King back. As far as I could see King along with Park and crew were the only guys I could see fixing Rangers. They are bluenoses. They have money and they are successful businessmen each in their own right. I didn’t really see a better alternative.

I must admit. Fast forward 2 years and I am underwhelmed at best.

Whats the plan?

At this point I want to raise a few points. First investment. I was never about 10s of millions being invested. It wasn’t realistic and nor was it really required. However Dave King just can’t help himself. I like many other fans had enough bullshit to last a lifetime with the last regime. I don’t need anymore. This is why I just couldn’t get my head round Dave having Jim White over in South Africa on SSN to tell the world the children’s inheritance would help Rangers with the figures £30 million beamed all around the world as the figure that would be needed. It was lunacy. It was a stick for the press to beat with Dave King and that is exactly what has happened. Dave King speaks of current investment been made so far of £18 million. I’ll call ‘bullshit’ on that. If not feel free to show me where it’s been made. Let’s start with the playing squad. Yes the wage bill has been massively increased and we are by far the 2nd highest paid team in Scotland. But whats been spent on actual fees under new regime? £3,000,000 max? That would buy you half of Scott Sinclair. Ibrox Stadium improvements ? Don’t make me laugh. On a recent trip to hospitality at Ibrox it was clear once again that the stadium needs serious TLC all over the place. The fabric banners all round the stadium are like sticking plasters on an old wound. So again £18 million?

Dave King is clearly a man with a lot of ego. I was a fan but I must admit that the fandom is wearing. He likes the sound of his own voice and likes to blame everyone else for any wrong that is at Rangers. I get that. I get that Mark Warburton didn’t like criticism. I get that he signed 12 players last summer and somehow made the team worse. But who sanctioned all this? The board that he is chairman of.  Then comes Mike Ashley. The rather fat cockney elephant that still sits in the room.  Mike is clearly a huge issue for the Rangers board. And legalities stop King telling us what is happening. Again though stop with the ‘we’ll tell you in a couple of weeks’ or ‘maybe we’ll bring out our own strip’ all just nonsense with deadlines that don’t exist that then make King and the board look stupid. So the harsh reality is Rangers merchandise will remain off limits for the foreseeable future. Which is sad. I would usually spend upwards of £800 on Rangers merchandise each season. So it’s a shame that the money can’t go in to Rangers. I won’t hold the board fully culpable on this. They inherited the mess. Just don’t make remarks that can’t be backed up. I do wonder what effect the kit buying (or lack of) may have on future generations and losing potential fans. I still remember fondly my gran buying me each new kit and what an exciting time it was. To lose that due to the current mess is sad.

I just wonder overall if the board of Rangers are the right people to get us back to the top? The soft loans are keeping us going just now and again for that I am grateful. But what is the plan? What is the 5 year/10 year plan ? And how will it be implemented?

Stewart Robertson? Is he fit to be the Chief Executive of one of Scotland’s biggest institutions? He seems good in front of the camera but again where is the substance to his ramblings? The fans were asked what name we wanted given to Murray Park….Then nothing…. The Director of Football was going to happen, then it wasn’t important…Then nothing? What about the scouting? ……… The more unfulfilled promises the more I wonder about the people running our club.

Why do I see Jim Traynor hanging around Ibrox? Who is he pals with on the Rangers board to get this gig? What is he doing to the benefit of Rangers? Our PR is absolutely brutal and we appear a sitting duck for the ‘journos’ in Scotland who appear to be taking great pleasure in mocking our new manager?

Something else I wonder about. What do the other board members make of Dave King and his comments ? I’d like to know if King, Park, Letham, Taylor, Gilligan, Murray etc. are all on the same page? The mixed signals from the board members I do see interviewed do make me wonder.

Then we come to players and management.

We’ll go with the players first. Well where to begin? The reality is this. The squad assembled at Rangers is awful. Void of talent, fight and above all else ability. At the player of the year awards we had a 37 year old striker with 9 league goals as the player of the year. Kenny Miller is a guy I have slated numerous times and each time he has rammed my words down my throat. Fair play to him for that. As for the rest? They can go. All of them, the club has reverted back to players who do their talking off the pitch as opposed to on it. I feel no connect to any of the current lot whom the Rangers jersey is clearly to heavy for. If we can find anyone daft enough to take them please do so. Hopefully Nottingham Forrest can take a few in the summer.

That brings me to the new manager. Pedro Caixinha.

You know what the appointment is odd. Had I heard of him before he got the job? No. Is his CV great? No. However he went through a process with our board and he was seen to be the best candidate. So he is our man. Until he gets a full preseason and his own players I will reserve judgement. Will he work out? As I write this I’d say probably not. I fear the board will give peanuts to spend this summer, Celtic will be out of sight by Christmas and the board will pass the blame on again. I hope I’m wrong, I hope he is backed fully and manages to improve us as we need to be. Will that happen? I am sceptical. I’ll be honest as well. I do not see a single candidate for the Rangers job when it came up that I thought was outstanding. I guess the next move would be Derek McInnes but he appears to want to distance himself from Rangers as much as he can these days. I remember his Bristol City days so he should maybe calm down a wee bit as should the hacks who see him as the 2nd coming of Ferguson or something.

So in conclusion? Well all I can say I literally have no idea what the future holds and I am very disheartened just now. But I think the board of Rangers have to start delivering and telling us what the actual plan is past the loans. What is the future of Rangers Football Club? Don’t keep telling me about how bad Mike Ashley is. Tell me what the plan is and how it is to be carried out. Tell me what me as a fan can do to help? I can’t be reliant on fans groups independent of the club as they have more nominations and removals than X Factor. I just don’t trust them.

But please. This needs fixed. Rangers need to be Great again.




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