You Asked, Now You Know



“I’ll wait till the accounts come out” 

This is the line I have had repeatedly thrown at me during my various rants on the folks running our club.

Well today they are out for all to see, And as expected it doesn’t look good.

Basically the club has lost in excess of £1 million a month (as I and others stated would be the case) and the IPO money is all but gone. We had a player wage bill of £7.8 million and Non playing staff wage bill of £10 million. All this whilst in the bottom tier of Scottish football. Most teams we took on were filled with gardeners, window cleaners and teachers some of which actually beat us deservedly. But still Rangers have managed to have just about blown the lot. 

Charles ‘Rangersitis’ Green has been paid nigh on £1 million for his 13 months ‘work’. Not bad work if you can get it. Come through the door, promise much and deliver very little. Embarrass an Institution and sale off with £ 1 million. Good work Chuck.

Ally McCoist wage is £835,000. Again absolutely ludicrous. Regardless of his name to pay a manager with no actual managerial experience anything like this wage whilst in the bottom tier of Scottish football is absolutely insane (there is a pattern developing here) 

Clearly the club motto has been ‘SPEND SPEND SPEND’

When Rangers won SFL 3 we won it by 24 points. At the time I alluded to the fact that QOTS had won promotion from the league above in a quicker time and some would say with better football. Their total costs were £300,000. Rangers wage bill alone was £7.8 million for playing staff. Again just look at the numbers. Of course I am not suggesting we could of ran Rangers with £300,000, But did we really need to spend what we have?

When the IPO money was raised we were given a list of what the £22.5 million would do. Myself and others wanted the money to be used for the clubs foundations for the future. Scouting, Coaching, Match day experience were all things we looked forward to seeing the money spent on. As each month passed I asked and asked again ‘what was happening with the IPO money?’ check my previous blogs if you don’t believe me. I repeatedly stated my concern that this IPO money was being used for operating costs day to day and not much else. Well past the acquisition of Edmiston House and a couple of jumbo screens I think again sadly I have been proven right. 

Looking through the accounts released today I see little or no investment from Chuck Green and his gang. But then am I surprised? Not really.

As of June there was meant to be in excess of £10 million sat in the bank. Well we have operated at a loss of in excess of £1 million a month since Green and his gang took over so I’m not sure there will be more than say £7 million left? Remember the losing £1 million a month was another thing folk made up who wanted change? No that was true as well.

So what now?

Well I will make it as clear and precise as I can.







This simply cannot be allowed to go on. In their tenure this mob have literally spent just about every penny of the clubs and fans money whilst doing nothing more than wearing a club tie and lining their own pockets. It’s really that simple. Mather today speaks about lucrative sponsorship deals with Puma, Sports Direct, Ladbrokes etc. They aren’t ‘lucrative’ at all and certainly do nothing to assist in the ludicrous running costs of our club. In one year in SFL 3 these guys have spent just about 2 seasons worth of season ticket money and £22.5 million of IPO money and they claim to be doing a ‘good job’? In business I have been part of these guys would of been escorted off the premises for gross negligence. There is no investment from these guys coming. Their spin doctors can say what they like. £50 million cheques? Aye okay, signed by who? Mickey Mouse?


Jim McColl and others are trying to stop them. They have tried to get people in to have a look under the bonnet of the operation. But clearly this current regime know that Frank Blin would of found in car terms what you would call a ‘write off’. Now people can argue all day and night whether they want Paul Murray and others brought in but the facts are we need change. I don’t see anyone throwing money at this until the current regime are removed and some find that tough to understand, which is fair enough. I imagine Dave King has money to invest but in Rangers, Not in these clowns pockets. The club business model (I doubt there is one) has to be ripped up and we need to be far more financially prudent. We overspent when in the SPL and it appears we still haven’t learned following what happened nearly 2 years ago. This is not about Ally McCoist, the players, the board or anyone else ultimately. This is about the future of Rangers Football Club. Costs need cut and we need a proper plan. Investment will be required again but we need the right Captain steering the ship. We need our money going to Rangers, not elsewhere.

It is great to see a mobilisation of fans in the form of the ‘Sons Of Struth’ group and I wish them well in their quest and I hope more fans join them in trying to cleanse our club. The time for change is now. We need our club back before it is too late.





17 Responses to “You Asked, Now You Know”

  1. as a sons of struth follower ,i think you are 100% correct on all your statements and these are things the SOS believe are happening too,so onwards n upwards

    • James Thomson Says:

      its good to protest on game day but what we really need is an around the clock protest at ibrox untill these people are gone for good yes we do need our club back

  2. The accounts include wages of people no longer there which won’t show next year, they also do not include the cuts in pay the directors and manager have taken which also won’t show until next year. There is nothing in there that any of us should not have expected.

    Profit on ordinary activities before taxation totalled £1.3 million leaving a profit for the period of £1.2 million.

    I also have concerns that it is actually requisitioner’s who want sale and lease back of Ibrox and Auchenhowie with the inclusion of Scott Murdoch as one of the new names McColl wants and his primary role will be sale and lease back.

    • wow! nearly every site,blog,forum or facebook page i read you pop up spouting the exact same paragraphs of pish, i have read your crap on every single board i have been on ,and i am starting to come to the conclusion that you aren`t who you claim to be,i think you are maybe one of jack irvines puppets trying to post pish to deflect people.

      • Prove It Mr McColl and prove my analysis is wrong plus I do not go on FF ,etc.

        I’m Just a season ticket and share holder who deals in facts and can read accounts and does not require others to guide him unlike some.

        I will debate with the big boys Billy not the children who’s only weapon is defamation and name calling.

      • just because your a s.t holder and a shareholder who`s boasting that he can read accounts ,thats beside the point .the point as far as i can see is the lies,deceit and underhand tactics that this current board are involved in.there is less and less truths coming out of ibrox everyday.

      • Billy : Yet you still provide no proof to your allegation.

        I do not believe the accounts are great but the scaremongers who wrote about a second administration or show us the title deeds are miles of the mark and they should be brought to task and you and I know who they are.

        Even the independent Neal Patey concluded ” that the direction of travel is correct ”

        You alleged I was all over the internet yet apart from 3 blogs Leggat and McMurdo and the vanguard bears I do not or no longer read the others, although I ask you to check my comments on SoS on Facebook and the evening times they linked to and read my comments with them and tell me I am wrong or at least come up with an alternative argument against my analysis .

      • if you notice alan it wasnt an allegation it was a conclusion there is a difference. and i have no desire to argue with you ,i was just pointing out that you were on numerous sites and i was getting a littlle bored with the same pishy paragraph you were writing on them all,i just think that you were hellbent on finding someone to argue with.well not me and not today so you can go back to reading some maybe true ,a lot i think is pish,accounts so nitenite.

      • Billy: Not really an argument anyway is it when you have no real comebacks other than the ones in your first post. You know attack the man not the argument?

        By the way is not the same stuff being written about the accounts and the board over and over and over again as well.

        Thanks for making my point for me.

  3. Johnny RFC Says:

    So , you would rather have Paul “Ra Bloo Knight” Murray and Malcolm “Where’s the Bevvy?” Murray running our club?

  4. This new Rangers won’t see out the year. A lot of business fail in their infancy. Why would anyone with any sense put their own hard earned into a club in the third, previously fourth tier of Scottish Football when they can dupe millions out a bunch of halfwits?

    Rangers fans of the first, now defunct club were fooled. The fans of the new club have been fooled again so shame on you indeed.

    Horrible team, horrible fans.

  5. Charles Green took £1m from the club. He also saved the club whilst other so called Rangers men sat back and did nothing. £1m is a small price to pay when you consider that our club is still alive and kicking.

  6. Bill Hicks Says:

    Brilliant,there are not enough Rangers minded bloggers about like yourself,I am a little surprised you never gave Duff and Phelps a mention without whom the baton that Whyte dropped would never have been passed to this mob

  7. Your as bad as Mcmurdo , You only publish comments that agree with you..What an utter fud you are!

  8. Ernie Baglow Says:

    Well said my friend its just amazing how this is allowed to happen.It’s so bad that we may have to call on the Angela Rippon and her team on Rip-Off-Britain. Gong to be a very interesting AGM!!!!

  9. we want true loyal rangers people running our club not a bunch of muppets that are just filling their own pockets as that’s what there doing, just to make a quick buck sack the hole board get real
    rangers men in that have rangers to their heart

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