Rangers Family – United We Stand, Divided We Fall



Now really isn’t the time for ‘I told you so’, So I won’t attempt it as right now its not really the priority. The priority is the future of Rangers Football Club. You know the thing you, I and most others reading this blog proclaim is the love of their life.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly or follows my ‘rants’ on Twitter will know I did not trust Charles Green and his group 1 iota. You see I have worked in sales, I’m sure many have. Charles Green said what people wanted to hear, along with some ‘astronomical bullshit’ Now in sales as in life that will work for so long but at some point the lies and unfulfilled promise will catch up with you. And thats exactly what happened with Charles ‘Rangersitis’ Green and his pals. Along with some spectacular own goals from a man who just could not keep his mouth shut. I was told by a friend in finance circles back when the IPO was in full flow that the City Investors were already growing tired of Charles bumping his gums. Apparently when he appeared on Scotland tonight and declared the figures of shares that had been bought he caused a lot of displeasure as it was said to have then slowed up sales as people started to think we had plenty sold. At the time Green was successful in his bid to acquire Rangers I remember having many private conversations with Bears I respected who were adamant that Charles Green would be bad for Rangers. Now somewhere along the line these same folks opinions appeared to change. It appeared Chuck worked his magic and I for one was massively surprised at the turn around of some. All along I said I would never fully trust an owner of Rangers and why should I after what we had witness when Craig Whyte came to town? Yet some were happy to take Charles Green at his word. It baffled me being honest. What was said in these meetings with the ‘select few’ that made fans, fans groups and forums etc. change their tune and start backing Green to the hilt? Charles did his road shows which looking back people should really be embarrassed at the way they took all his bullshit in hook, like and sinker. The man was hero worshipped as the man who saved Rangers. This was something I never bought into. I still believe as it always is it was the fans who saved our great club. On Twitter and on my blog I repeatedly asked for substance. What have we spent of the IPO? What have we spent it on? What do we have left? Where is Charles up to on his ‘To Do’ list? I was repeatedly told I was worrying about nothing by most. Charles was the man who saved Rangers after all.

Well now we are where we are. Over a year in the bottom tier of Scottish professional football we have somehow spent in excess of £46 million and are set to be running out of money by Christmas depending on who you speak to. It is absolutely disgusting that this has been allowed to happen so soon after what we went through when Murray sold to Craig Whyte. Change has to happen and it has to happen NOW. 

An EGM has been requested and at current is being delayed because our current board do not want to waste club money of approximately £80,000 when we have our AGM so soon. YES YOU DID READ THAT CORRECTLY. These idiots who have overseen £46 million out the door want to save £80,000 whilst preserving their jobs with the Rangers cash cow a little longer. It disgusts me, I sincerely hope it also disgusts you.

My stance is this. I want them all gone. Every single one of them

Mather- If he didn’t invest £1 mil he wouldn’t be chief executive, out of his depth.

Ian Hart- If nothing else voted against Walter Smith when vote took place to reinstate Green. For that alone go and go now. 

Brian Stockbridge- The Financial Director who is better recording videos on his phone than having an actual idea of what money the club has left.

James Easdale- Him and his brother should have no involvement with Rangers, Period. Seeing him in a club tie literally makes me feel sick.

We are repeatedly told we need ‘cleansed’ and we do. Every one of this Board should be removed and hopefully via the EGM or AGM  that will indeed be the case.

Then we have the Rangers Family.

What you see right now across most social media is honestly quite embarrassing, I’m sorry but there is no other way to put it. On the day it was announced that Charles Green was leaving Rangers RangersMedia had a thread regarding this positive move for the club, By early evening it had reached 28 pages. However much to my amazement the article above titled ‘Chris Graham- Why The Hatred’ had actually reached 30 pages. I was literally speechless.

You see at a time where the Rangers Family should be stood together as one it appears we just cannot get past our own differences. This isn’t an isolated thing. Look on Twitter, there are fans arguing amongst each other regularly. There are fans forums who continually have a pop at each other and the people who write on their forums. There are fans groups who probably couldn’t agree that tomorrow is Thursday. I’ll be honest I find it incredible. At a time when Rangers existence is once again at risk it appears it is more important to say “you don’t speak for me” as opposed to actually saying “what can we do to help the club we love?”.

People who read my blog will know I don’t think Fan ownership is viable and I stand by that partially due to the reasons I have given above. There is such a divide that I just don’t see changing. However regardless of that I recently joined the Rangers Supporters Trust. I joined it not because of the desire to have fan ownership, not because of the admiration for its spokespersons. I joined it because I want the fans to have a voice. What is the point of me tweeting daily and writing a blog if I am not willing to try and do anything else? So I joined and I hope to see first hand some of the initiatives that the RST are trying. Because I want things to be better for Rangers. Will me joining the RST make any great difference in the grand scheme of things? Probably not. But can it do any harm to the club I love? Most certainly not. 

I don’t know Chris Graham, I don’t know a lot of people whose opinions are regularly put out in the public domain. But you know what? They don’t claim to speak for all Rangers fans. They give their opinion and it is up to you whether you take it on or board or not. No one forces anyone to follow a twitter account, listen to a podcast, read a blog, It is your own choice. It is always easier to criticise than put your head above the parapet and give your own opinion whether it be right or wrong. But all these guys want what is best for Rangers, should they really be chastised for it?

Hopefully one day in the near future Rangers will be back where we belong on a sound financial footing with a great future ahead of us as the most successful club in the world, being ran by the right people with Rangers interests at heart first and foremost. But if looking back all you did during this period was criticise anyone who dared voice their opinion on the situation at Rangers? Well you didn’t really do much to help, Did you?

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.


2 Responses to “Rangers Family – United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

  1. Bill Hicks Says:

    Brilliant,I predict when the dust eventually settles on this debacle your reputation will be higher than any other Rangers blogger

  2. Great article an md I follow ur word togetherwearerangers

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