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Rangers – What Is Actually Going On? Anyone?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on June 14, 2013 by BMC Rangers Rants

Here we are in the middle of June and I have a lot more questions than answers right now. Questions I thought would be a lot clearer by now but as we hurtle towards July I find myself absolutely mystified at the lack of actual hard information coming from Ibrox. Obviously the fact that there is an ongoing power struggle at the club does not help us. In recent times we have seen Walter Smith made Chairman which given what was happening I could understand. He said himself the next day when he was interviewed at a golf day that it was never his intention to take the role but he was honoured all the same. He pointed out that we needed the board to pull together and help move the club forward. Again all this was fine but as I write this there is still the issue of other shareholders James Easdale and James Morgan wanting Malcolm Murray and Phillip Cartmell removed from the board and replaced by themselves. That is ongoing and I am not sure how it will pan out. In recent days we have seen new people buy shareholdings within the club. Laxey Partners Ltd and yesterday Kieron Prior have both bought just over 1% in the club. Will that lead to anything else? I’m not really sure but again it shows that it appears Non Rangers people are more keen to invest money as opposed to actually talk about it, Yes Mr King, Mr Murray and pals I am talking about you.

So the situation in our boardroom is as always clear as mud. The fans don’t know which was to turn and as always we seem to be the last to hear about well, anything. Craig Mather recently appeared at the NARSA convention and once again appeared to say all the right things (who hasn’t though) and claims to know who are the enemies of Rangers and will act when the time is right. Well you will excuse me if I disregard your soundbites Mr Mather as we have all heard it before, many times. Craig Mather again stated he wants the CEO role permanently and that’s fine. But I would counter that by saying past allowing Ally to sign 5 players what have you actually done? What is the plan? What is the vision? because unless I am missing something I don’t actually see what you have done other than allow 5 signings and give a few interviews and soundbites? Enough to be the CEO of Rangers despite having no previous experience? I would say probably not. When Craig Mather was made ‘Interim’ Chief Executive it was stated by the club we would advertise the job and speak to applicants, which is exactly what we should of done. Have we done that? I’m not so sure. If we haven’t, why not? As a club do Rangers still just have no vision or planning? Is it all about the now and day to day? It shouldn’t be, there is no excuse.

Yesterday it was mooted that the RFFF money may be used for a club museum, wasn’t that what part of the IPO £22.5 million was to be used for? Which brings me to my next point. How much is left of the IPO money and what has the money been spent used for? When the IPO money was raised we were told it would be used partially for Operating costs but also for many other things that would help us move forward as a club. We would see stadium enhancements, Edmiston House would be renovated and we would see a new club megastore, a new ticket office, a club museum. Now maybe all this is happening but nothing has been suggested by the club in official channels to suggest any of this happening other that the airport and Belfast stores being opened and the new screens at Ibrox? Not sure how much of that £22.5 million would of been used for that. Now if we are as is being reported down to the last £7-8 million of the IPO money I would have to ask why that has been allowed to happen and what are we doing to remedy it? We have increased our squad by 5 players of whom we needed but we need a clear out, its pretty much a necessity as our wage bill is just ridiculous. Now that can’t happen until the window opens but I hope departures are swift and calculated as we currently not a sustainable business, that is just fact. What happens when the IPO money runs out? We quite simply have to be ran at a break even self sustainable level. 

Now I may be ‘Miles Away’ here and things might be happening behind the scenes but it appears as a club we just continue to exist. As a club I have said for sometime we are only ‘Reactive’ as opposed to ‘Pro-active’ and it stinks. What on earth was James Traynor brought to the club for? Is there any planning? Will we replace Neil Murray? If not, why not? When is Murray Park being renamed? How will we make Murray Park more productive? Will the Stadium Sponsorship with Sports Direct go ahead? What will the stadium look like if it does (we were promised illustrations by Charles ‘Rangersitis’ Green months ago) ?

When you sit and think of the last 12 months we have been told so much yet so little has actually happened. Yet with Walter Smith being wheeled out and few new signings the clubs biggest investor the Fans are expected once again just to pour their money in no questions asked. And honestly, I think that stinks.

The club need to communicate what the hell is going on. Not to some Supporters group with a couple of thousand of members to pass it on. To every fan that puts money in the clubs bank account. Our fans are without equal and continue to amaze me with their loyalty and continued backing of the club. But at some point the club need to tell us just what is going on and just what ‘the plan’ is. If you do that Mr Mather and Co. then maybe we can consider you as a full time custodian of our great institution. If you can’t do it then you have no right to want the CEO role at Rangers on a permanent basis.

Tell us what is going on…………