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Rangers – The Positive Blog

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“You’re a Tim”

“You’re not a Rangers Fan”

“Stop being so Negative”

All the above statements are regularly thrown at me. In Twitter world where everyone is an expert it can be a tricky place at times. Regretfully at times the abuse can become personal. But as in life everyone is not the same, we do not all see things the same way. I am very outspoken and passionate about Rangers, I make no apologies for that nor will I ever. The Rangers Story shows no sign of letting up and everyone continues to have passions running high. If we didn’t care I guess we wouldn’t argue as much right?

Well today my Blog will focus instead on the Positives at Rangers this season as all we seem to speak about these days is the mess on and off the park at Rangers. This can quite frankly not be ignored but today I will put it to the back of the line. Today we focus on the Positives.

We Are Still The Most Successful Club In World Football

They have tried to take our titles. First of all they offered a ‘deal’ when we applied for our licence which would of seen league titles and league cup wins taken from us. We declined this blackmail and rightfully so. Then came the side letter investigation by Lord Nimmo Smith. Despite Rangers Winning the ‘Big Tax Case’ it was decided by the shambolic Scottish football authorities that the investigation would have to be completed. And guess what happened? Thats correct. As with the Illegal transfer embargo, as with the Big Tax Case it was shown Rangers were guilty of at most an admin error. Funny that isn’t it? So when all is said and done Rangers are still the World Record holders of the most league titles. That Number stands at 54 and we when we win the top division again (whatever that will be called) it will be number 55. So let others come after us, We welcome the chase.


We Are Finally Getting To See Young Talent At Rangers

One thing that has given me great pleasure this season has been the emergence of youth at Rangers. In the past we have always wondered what the youngsters could do. We have heard reports of young talents at Murray Park who we never really see, a couple of league cup performances then never to be seen again. With our illegal transfer embargo that has forced change somewhat at Ibrox. And I for one am glad about it. Barrie McKay, Lewis Macleod, Fraser Aird, Robbie Crawford, Chris Hegarty, Danny Stoney, Lucas Gasparotto and Andy Mitchell have all played their part. Some more productive than others but they have all featured for Rangers. Take a second and think about that, 17,18,19 year olds pulling on that blue shirt to walk out at Ibrox. Talk about the stuff dreams are made of, I’m sure most reading this would do anything to be in their place. Barrie McKay has excited in parts and has the making of a real talent out on the wing. Robbie Crawford is another who has caught the eye, I’m still not sure of his best position but the boy can play. Lucas Gasparotto hasn’t featured as much but looks like a genuine talent at centre half. Fraser Aird has put in some stellar performances on either wing and like McKay can get fans off their seats. The standout of this batch though is without doubt Lewis Macleod, the boy can play, he has it all. He can pass it, shoot, nice touch, great engine and overall just a great football intelligence which is something you just cannot teach. Unfortunately we lost Lewis to injury earlier in the season but he is said to be close to making a return which is great news. In the past we have had players who showed early promise, the likes of Ness, McCabe etc. but I would put Macleod ahead of these boys for natural ability. I hope we continue to see his development at Ibrox next season and I am sure we will.


The Journey

The fans wanted SFL 3. They wanted to start from the bottom and go all the way back to the top. They wanted no favours, a clean slate, and that is what they got. And my god have they enjoyed it. Despite Scottish football crumbling around us due to the ‘Sporting Integrity’ Rangers have been all over Scotland making new friends and reacquainting themselves with some old ones. Parts of Scotland and teams I hadn’t even heard of have been our opposition and if nothing else it has been an adventure. All the while Rangers have held their heads high and asked for no favours. The club may not get all matters right with what the fans want but they listened on this occasion. And good for them for doing so. The adventure continues.


The Fans

Finally I come to the final and most important positive of this season, the Fans. It’s a line done to death many times by many clubs but Rangers fans are without equal. As the season started it was suggested that Rangers fans would show ‘defiance’ and turn up in their numbers but as the season wore on it was expected by the all knowing pundits that the defiance would wane and the crowds would lower. Well how wrong could the pundits be? As each week has passed the Rangers Family have followed the club home and away in astounding numbers. At Home games Rangers have regularly had crowds in the top 3 in the United Kingdom and at times have had more at home games than the rest of Scottish football!! Thats in the 4th tier of Scottish football against postmen, window cleaners etc. That is just obscene. Away from home has been no different as clubs in SFL 3 have seen their turnovers sky rocket due to the visit of Scotland’s biggest most successful club. Rangers have breathed life into the lower leagues that will help these clubs that live hand to mouth massively for the next few years. This is down to the Rangers family, no one else.

As you will probably be aware if you are reading this I have regular chat on Twitter with fellow fans, journalists, fans of other clubs, anyone really that can debate in a healthy manner and by enlarge it is great. We don’t always see eye to eye on things but mostly people want what is best for Rangers. Some of the characters in the Twitterverse are brilliant. The guys at the CroPod are a good bunch. Shane, Ross, Alan, even that Miles Away guy who is a self confessed ‘funny guy’ all have a lot to say about Rangers and it is clear they all love the club. I never listened to a podcast before I listened to these guys but bad intro music apart it is always a great listen. Then you have the more eccentric tweeters like the well known Sambuca Tits, Alicia, Andrew Brewster from Seventy2 Mag, Kajsa, Copland Front, Pamela over in Holland. All these guys are from all over the place (in more ways that one) but Love Rangers. They all express their views in a different way and thats all good. Many a time the folk I’m bigging up have disagreed with me and told me to stop moaning, but thats fine because ultimately we all want what is best for Rangers, and as long as we don’t ever lose sight of that we will do not to bad. The Rangers Family is without equal. And no matter what happens and what trials and tribulations come our way would we rather follow any other team? Hell No. RANGERS THEN , RANGERS NOW, RANGERS FOREVER.


So there you have it. Not one piece of Negativity in todays Blog. I hope you have enjoyed reading it.


Rangers – The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

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Charles Green quickly got over his bout of ‘Rangersitis’ didn’t he?

I for one am glad that Charles has called it a day. The man came from nowhere to be the Chief Executive of the Biggest Institution in Scottish Football. At first he was seen as a no nonsense straight talking Yorkshire man. He told the Scottish Football Authorities no when they tried to blackmail Rangers into handing over titles in return for our football license and for that alone I will be eternally grateful to our Chuck. From there he went on to front a successful share Issue raising £22.5 million for the club, which again is something I am impressed with. From there though I kind of became increasingly sceptical. Each day we were given a new sound bite, whether it be the move to England, the Adidas kit deal, the commercial link ups with Dallas Cowboys, the list goes on. At each port of call the Scottish media were waiting to pounce and find something to dismiss each of Charles claims as soon as he made them. Now Charles is a salesman, there is nothing wrong with that at all.  But when the sales chat catches up with you then people start to question others things that have been said. Then along came old Googley Eyes and that just lit the touch paper. All of a sudden the cracks began to appear. Charles only met Whyte once changed to Charles met Whyte 6 times. Then the revelations as to Green receiving monies from Whyte on 2 separate occasions. Again something we didn’t know. All that information would have been far better coming from Green without being prompted from the media. Now Whyte is a proven liar and of that there is no doubt but Charles spoke about being ‘open and honest’ from that start. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. Then the Bernard Manning style interview happened. Chat of his ‘Paki friend’ and his former team mate ‘Darkie Johnson’ left me open mouthed, I could not believe that the CEO of Rangers Football Club was saying such things. He spoke of increasing our Global Brand and then came out with these ridiculous remarks? It was at that point I thought to myself ‘Time to go Charles’ and I was glad when he did. Being CEO of Rangers is not the same as being CEO of Sheffield United or many other football teams. Scottish Football is basically Rangers and Celtic. Due to the mismanagement issues at Rangers in recent times we have been front and back pages of newspapers for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately Chuck let it all go to his head a little to much and as a result did himself more harm than good in the end. But I am sure £3 million for his shareholding in Rangers will clear up his bout of ‘Rangersitis’

So where does that leave Rangers Biggest Investors, The Rangers Support?

Well right now no one can truthfully answer that. No sooner had well placed Rangers fans backed Green 100% than he was walking out the door having had resigned. The usual names have came into the fore once more along with some not so well known names. Depending on who you speak to we have Jim McColl, Dave King, Paul Murray and The Krays (Sorry Easdale Brothers) all interested in acquiring a majority shareholding in our football club.

People have perhaps rightly said “Where were these Real Rangers men last year when our club nearly disappeared?” and I would understand that argument. On the flip side I would say there was a potentially toxic tax bill of somewhere in the region of £100 million possibly forthcoming and totally incompetant Administrators who were only playing ball with the Green Consortium for whatever reason. But I see both sides of the argument. For what its worth if I were to choose a Buyer for our club I would be choosing Dave King. The man invested £20 million in Rangers without any return and I would imagine if he hadn’t had his own Tax Issues in South Africa and issues with David Murray he would of probably owned us long before now. On Dave Kings Tax Issues it appears the authorities have made arrangements with King to clear up any outstanding issues and his assets are no longer frozen. I recall at the time the SFA stated if King was to invest at a later date he would require cover letters from the South African Authorities to explain his predicament. So for me this is the guy to watch. He is a Rangers Man, he is very wealthy, he has spoken of investment in Rangers having to be an emotional thing that you cannot expect a return on which is something I like. Of the others said to be interested Jim McColl is said to be worth £1 billion? That is a lot of money. But my argument would be if he is so ludicrously well off why are not already his football club? On the Easdale Brothers? Well in all reality I cannot fully comment on them, I have heard numerous stories of which none are exactly ‘glowing’ but again if we deal in reality and look at the cash flow of their businesses I just cannot see them as Majority Shareholders at Rangers. Paul Murray? Well what can we say about Paul that hasn’t already been said, Paul is clearly a Rangers Man and I genuinely believe he wants what is best for Rangers. Last time though as times previous when it comes to putting the cold hard cash on the table he just hasn’t come through. In the past we have had numerous talkers who have said they would do this and that but when it came right down to it no one put the money on the table other than Chuck Green and his Mystery Consortium. So to all the Bidders I would say this old adage.


‘Money Talks And Bullshit Walks’


If anyone believes they are the Best for Rangers, prove it. £11.5 million will buy you a Majority Shareholding in our Great Football Club. Don’t go and tell the Daily Record or anyone else for that matter how bad the current incumbents are or what you ‘would do’ just do it. The Rangers Family are the ones suffering. We are at each other’s throats for believing one camp or the other and its truly heartbreaking because all we want ultimately is what’s best for Rangers. Unfortunately we do not have an Official Fans vehicle to voice our concerns as a support and it hurts us. We have Numerous Fans Groups who agree on very little and have very small membership numbers which is very sad as the Fans are actually the single most important Investor in all of this.

In the meantime we have made Craig Mather the Interim CEO of the Club and that does nothing to appease the already anxious support. Brought to the club by Green following a £1 million investment and a photo of him kissing a Tiger apart I can’t really tell you much about him? He has a Sports Management company and many obscure football players on his books; does this qualify him as CEO of Rangers? The guy has been an invisible man since he joined the Club so again we have more questions than answers. Hopefully we will interview and bring in the Best Candidate for the Role of Chief Executive as this Role now more than ever requires a Quality appointment.

Once again this week on the field activity has kind of disappeared into the background whilst we hear about Boardroom disputes etc. A 2-1 home loss to Peterhead didn’t really surprise anyone, which says quite a lot. A slow, lethargic, predictable performance from our team and their £7 mil wage bill was on show once more. Ally spoke of ‘Cleansing’ being needed as well as his old excuse of ‘needing more players’, which again brought no surprise from anyone.

The facts are Ally is right, what he may have missed though is the fact is if he wants the club to ‘move forward’ the reality is he should not be Manager. Many will shout from the rooftops that is Wrong. It really isn’t. In the 4th tier of Scottish football and with the 2nd highest wage bill in Scotland this team has not progressed in the slightest from day one of the season and ultimately the Manager has to be held responsible for this whether folk like it or not. Our Club needs to be reducing costs and when we have a Manager on £700,000 a year being beaten at home by a club with a total expenditure of £300,000 a year I think folk have to sit up and realize we are ‘Miles Away’ from where we need to be with our cost base. That again is reality. So looking to sign SPL journey on £5,000 a week has to be a thing of the past and we need to really look at where our money is going. Unfortunately Ally and his Management team would have to then be moved on. Some won’t like that and I understand why, I Love Ally McCoist but I Love Rangers more.

So with Season Ticket Renewals around the corner we are clear only in how unclear things are at Rangers once more.  As I say

‘The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same.’

Rangers Chief Of Recruitment For The Day

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The season has nearly ended. Planning should be well under way for next season. Unfortunately Googley Eyes has resurfaced and Charles Green has went Mental (even more than usual) so again talk focuses on off field matters. Sadly that is the norm to much at Rangers these days. Hopefully we will get some ‘clarity’ soon and we can get back to talking about football.

So today I am taking the Role of Rangers Chief Scout for the day. I am telling Ally who we should be going for. Just for Fun.

Today I read of apparent interest in re-signing Kenny Miller for the 3rd time but Chuck putting a block on it.  Bravo to Chuck if that be the case. Kenny Miller is 34 next birthday. He had a good goalscoring record with Rangers but at his 3 teams since leaving us has done nothing of note. I see no benefit in bringing him back again. Whilst on the subject I see no benefit in bringing back Boyd, Thomson, Ferguson, Novo or anyone else who left years ago. Time doesn’t stand still and these guys have all deteriorated elsewhere in their careers. Lets look forward as a Club not back. Some strongly disagree and thats fine.

From September 1st we can only sign out of contract footballers so we can’t be to picky apparently? That is absolute nonsense. A quick look at the SPL, Championship, League 1 and League 2 I count at least 953 players out of contract this coming summer. Thats before taking into consideration lower leagues in Scotland and leagues abroad. Whilst many of these guys will be out of our reach, many won’t be not by a long stretch. Our wage bill will be looked at again this summer but there would be plenty of these players who would consider coming to Rangers, lets not kid ourselves. We have some of the biggest crowds in Britain every other week, some of the best facilities in Europe and Glasgow ain’t the worst place in the World. Lets not continue to think we won’t appeal to people. Its still Rangers for Goodness Sake.

I have compiled a list of 10 players who I think would greatly improve us. Some we are already linked with, some we aren’t and probably never will be. Just my opinion. So here goes.


Morgaro Gomis

Morgaro Gomis is 27. His deal runs with Birmingham until the Summer. We have been linked previous and I have always liked him. People will remember him from his Dundee United days. A good footballer who is actually good with the ball at his feet and can run with the ball at players. An attribute a lot of our players don’t currently have.


Andre Moritz

Andre Moritz is 26. Currently at Crystal Palace. We took on him on Trial (along with 300 others it seemed) last summer. Unfortunately he did not want to play in a bounce game at Murray Park and then moved on to Crystal Palace where he signed a 1 year deal and has impressed down there. He can take a nice free kick (move out the way Jig) and is technically very gifted. At the time he seemed disappointed he didn’t get a deal with Rangers. With the Dross we signed last season it really annoys me that we missed out on this boy. For the reasons given I’d find it highly unlikely he would come. But just putting it out there.


Andre Bikey

Andre Bikey is 28 and is currently with Middlesborough. We have had interest in the boy on more than one occasion. Last summer Andre was given a tour of Murray Park and Ibrox on the final day of the window and was seemingly keen to sign. Unfortunately better terms came from Middlesbrough and I’m not even sure we got to the offer stage. Bikey is basically a no nonsense Hulk of a Centre Half. Something we sadly lack. Maybe 3rd time lucky with the big guy!?


Scott Arfield

Scott Arfield is a 24 year old midfielder current in a relegation dog fight at Huddersfield. People will remember him from his Falkirk days. At 24 he still has room to develop and again is the type of footballer who can play the game as it should be. I feel he would strengthen our midfield.


Nicky Law

Nicky Law is 25 and currently with Motherwell. A regular stand out with Motherwell and has already been linked with Rangers. Previous stints with Bradford City and Rotherham before Motherwell has seen him become an industrious midfielder with a lot of qualities who can chip in with the odd goal as well. The tempo about his play is something I like. Would hopefully inject some urgency into our very pedestrian midfield.


Arnold Peralta

Arnold Peralta is 24 and currently plays for Vida in the Lina. He has recently been reported as being 90% a Rangers player. I knew very little of him before our link but having watched footage of him and read numerous reviews from fans and journalists alike it appears he is a tenacious defensive midfielder who has a very good engine and also pace. His wage demands will also be very low so this is a signing that would actually excite me a bit.


Hamdi Salihi

Hamdi Salihi is currently playing for Jiangsu Sainty in the Chinese Superleague. He is 29 years of age. He replaced Nikica Jelavic at Rapid Vienna and scored 36 goals in 67 appearances for them. He had a move to the MLS with D.C. United before moving to China. Again Rangers have had an interest in Hamdi on two separate occasions both under Ally’s tenure so maybe this is one we could revisit.


Ryan McGowan

Ryan McGowan is 23 and is currently playing with Shandong Luneng Taishan in the Chinese Super League. Again this is a player we have tried to sign previous but were unable to get the deal done with being in SFL3. Ryan is a defender who has always impressed me and I’m sure we will have an interest as and when his contract runs out in China.


Jordan McMillan

Jordan McMillan is a Former Rangers player. I said not to go for players who we had previous but I am making an exception with Jordan. Jordan did not want to leave Rangers but wanted to play games which is something I commend. He is only 24 and is a Good right back. Thats right an actual right back. Not a Centre half who can play there but an actual right back. He has went on to Captain Dunfermline and is currently at Partick Thistle until the end of the season. He has already intimated on Social Media he would come back to ‘his team’ so I would file this one under ‘No Brainer’.


Nicky Clark

Nicky Clark is 21 and is currently playing for Queen Of The South in SFL2. He is the son of former Rangers player Sandy Clark. He has scored 32 goals in 40 appearances this season in the league above us. At 21 years of age and I’m sure not a prohibitive wage again I file this under ‘No Brainer’.

So there you have it. 10 players I think Rangers could get that I think would enhance the side no end. Would we get them all? Most likely not. Would Ally look to sign all of them? Most likely not. But these are the types of players I would have us look at.

It doesn’t have to be former sons of Rangers approaching Mid 30s who are looking for a final pay day. I thank them for their service previous but beg the club to start looking forward as a club.

Maybe folk won’t agree with my ideas and thats fine. But my main point is this. With approaching at least 1000 players out of contract this Summer Rangers can still enhance our side dramatically without throwing crazy sums of wages at SPL players and the like.

Thanks for reading.

Charles Green – “I’m Out”

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What another week it has been at Rangers.

We are here once again as a Support not knowing who to Trust or knowing what the hell is going on.

Once again we have splits in who believes who. I personally am not of the belief thats it’s the Big Bad Newspapers that are making all the claim and counter claim up. To many folk believed that the last time with ‘Billionaire’ Craig Whyte remember? Of course the newspapers will sensationalise things in order to get people interested, but in amongst the crazy stuff there are truths that the fans should be aware of long before its splashed all over the front and back pages of the newspapers.

First my thoughts on Craig Whyte. The guy is a Liar. He should be in Jail. As I write this Ticketus have won the legal case against him and are now owed £17 mil from Old ‘Googley Eyes’ so I guess it is no surprise that he has now come forward with his Dick Tracy recorder and his playing of all his dealings with Charles Green, Imran Ahmed and Co. As others have said we have only heard segments of recordings and if there was anything wholly damning of the Green Consortium purchase of the club surely these tapes would be with the Courts and not with The Scottish Sun? Mind you David Murray was ‘duped’ by Craig Whyte (No Laughing at the back) so maybe he isn’t as daft as he looks? (He is).

Charles Green tells us it was actually he who ‘duped’ Craig Whyte in order that he could get control of our Club. As many others have pointed out Brian Kennedy alluded previous to the fact that anyone who wanted Rangers had to find a way of acquiring Craig Whyte’s shares. So maybe this was a ‘necessary evil’ ? Again I understand that. It doesn’t sit right with me hearing recordings of Charles Green laughing away with Craig Whyte and talking about various ‘deals’ but maybe thats just how it had to go down.

What I do have an issue with however is the receiving of monies from Whyte and his Associates by our Chief Executive. Last week Green just dropped it in to a conversation like it was nothing of relevance. I thought Charles Green only ever met Craig Whyte once? Now he is telling us he received £137,000 into an account but it hasn’t been touched and Whyte wouldn’t take it back? Now in addition there was a further payment that we know of £25,000? Is this all part of the ‘Duping’ process? I’m just not so sure.

Why are we only hearing these things from Charles Green now? I recall there would be ‘Full Transparent Governance’ of Rangers when our New Regime came in. Now I am not a gambling man but if I was I would hazard a guess that our Board of Directors were not aware of this ‘duping’ money from Craig Whyte and if they were I would like to know why the fans weren’t aware? This man nearly killed our football club and yet our Chief Executive has lied about his meetings with him and also just decided to drop in that he received money from him. If there was nothing sinister in it why not just tell us long before now via official club channels?

Last week also seen Charles Green again bring Rangers unwanted attention for off the field remarks talking of his ‘Paki Mate’ Imran Ahmed and his former ‘Darkie’ Team mate. I was quite staggered but should we be surprised? From Day One Charles Green has made comment after nonsensical comment at the club. He has hit the target with fans at his various Q&As telling the fans what they wanted to hear. Talk of Kit Deals, Commercial Tie ups, Feeder Clubs, Various ridiculous amounts of money and Investors that just didn’t come to fruition. You see that’s all fine but at some point the lies catch up with you. Charles Green has promised so many things now that have been rubbished at just about every corner. Last nights Peter Smith interview highlighting his ‘Dallas Cowboys Link Up’ and ‘Man Utd. wanting Rangers playing in England’ being absolute nonsense. Some will say Green making these throwaway soundbites are just harmless and trying to generate interest in the club. It’s not though it is embarrassing and further brings into question just how many lies Charles Green tells? Some have defended Green saying his ‘Paki’ and ‘Darkie’ remark is just harmless and think everyone has gone ‘PC Mad’ as Green also pointed out. I just dismiss that as complete Garbage. This is 2013 and No Chief Executive of a Business let alone an Institution such as Rangers should make any remarks like that. Green talks about the ‘Global Brand’ of Rangers and how he is looking to increase it? Well Charles those kind of remarks are exactly what WON’T help the Club achieve that.

Charles Green is like a friend at a Karaoke who has had to much to drink. They think that everyone wants to hear them and grabs the microphone. For the first song or so it is quite funny but becomes very tiresome very quickly.

We are at a point now where divisions in support rear their heads again unfortunately. Some say Green raised £22.5 mil and ‘Saved Rangers’ via his network of associates all over the World. He has fought the good fight with Scottish Football and didn’t accept the stripping of titles when offered as a ‘deal’ last Summer. Can I disagree with that? Maybe in parts but if the £22.5 mil is sat in a bank account I can’t knock him for that, How could I?

Other Fans will say they just don’t Trust him. I am one of them. He has lied about a few things that we know of, some more important than others but he has lied nonetheless. What else don’t we know? He has began to ‘cut the cloth accordingly’ in a very cut throat manner and continues on a daily basis to contradict what our Manager says. The Club says there is no issue between Green and McCoist? I don’t believe that for a second. I have said previous I do not rate Ally as a Manager but I just don’t agree with what I think looks like a way of forcing him to exit the club by Green without him getting his hands dirty. It’s just not right. Again just my opinion. This along with the continued association with Whyte is enough for me to say I would have Green removed at the soonest possible convenience. But it isn’t just that. It’s Greens overall demeanour. Ally McCoist spoke of Rangers ‘Standards’ today and I can’t help but agree they have dropped somewhat alarmingly on and off the park.

We have Ally saying his team with a wage bill of £7 million deserve more praise for winning SFL 3 ? I’ll disagree with that. But then nor can you agree with Green Publicly saying we have the ‘Worst Rangers Team Ever’ (whether it is or isn’t) I just don’t see it as the Rangers Way. Standards?

So as it stands I find it all quite tricky. I don’t rate Ally McCoist as a Manager and I don’t rate Charles Green as a Chief Executive. I don’t think I am alone in that assessment and that is a worry. Especially with Season Ticket renewal just around the corner.

My Hope is that with Walter Smith, Malcolm Murray & Ian Hart at Rangers we still have enough people who know what our Club is about to deal with what is going on just now.

I’d love to know where Jim Traynor is these days also. The man hired to be our ‘Head of Media Communication’ has been silent since his last opinion piece the night before the EBT Decision. If as Green says he is writing the book on the Charles Green story he may want to prioritise a bit better. The Club release statement after statement and yet we still seem to get no further forward.

There will be a Board Meeting of the Directors and Shareholders at the Club come August (If not sooner) and Green says if they decide he should go he will leave with a ‘tear in the eye’ for having to leave Rangers. I myself would not shed a single tear for a man I do not see fitting of Our Club.

With Rangers we just want it to be about the Football. Remember those days?

So  for the reasons above, Charles Green “I’m Out”

Charles Green – A Healthy Scepticism

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Never a quiet day at Ibrox anymore is there?

This week has seen Neil Murray leave the Club in a ‘Totally Amicable’ Manner and he will still be a ‘Consultant’ for the Club. Last week Ally McCoist said the situation was “Very Sensitive” with his pal and Chief Scout and a week later he is gone but once more we are told a completely different story.

Last night we bid farewell to Fran Sandaza. His contract terminated following a hoax call from Tommy the Taxi driver. I have mixed feelings on this one. Fran has not kicked a ball for Rangers. In his defence I’m not sure many strikers can flourish in our 541 formation with aimless 50 yard balls kicked at you whilst you stand nowhere near any of your teammates but that is another story. On the flip side he was very foolish to be discussing terms of his deal with anyone, Hoax or not. The breaking point for me and where my sympathy ends is where ‘Silly Fran’ as I now like to call him told the ‘Agent’ to go direct to him with any offer. At that point I thought ‘Oh Dear’. Now if Fran had scored 30 goals this season and we all loved him I’m entirely sure this would of panned out differently, but he hasn’t. I think this was seen as an opportunity not to be missed by the Club to get him out the door in the cheapest way possible. It will be interesting to see what happens with his right of appeal to the SFL. We shall see.

Now on the surface I have no issue with either of these decisions. I have regularly stated I think our Scouting is very poor and I am still unsure as to what qualified Neil Murray being our Chief Scout other than him being a pal of Ally’s and I stand by that. Our player recruitment for some time has been very poor albeit not in ideal circumstances. Sandaza has been another awful signing despite the fact I thought it was a good signing at the time.

This week has seen Neil Alexander ‘setting the story straight’ about his contract situation in the Tabloids. He chose that ‘great friend of Rangers’ the Daily Record to do so. Poor Neil has put his house and car up for sale as he is not sure what his future holds. Rangers in the SFL3 only offered him a 12 month extension on £10,000 a week. This wasn’t enough for Neil who in another interview states he made a mistake in only “1 games out of 40 this season” We’ll agree to disagree on that as well Neil. He has been a good (well paid) servant of Rangers who has won a lot of silverware with the club. I thank him for his services and wish him all the best. I look forward to seeing Cammy Bell come in at the Club. The thought that we may have offered a goalkeeper at this level £10,000 a week when we are operating at a loss definitely set the alarm bells ringing somewhat though.

This week I have been doing a bit of reading up on our Chief Executive from past stories, blogs, forums and articles. There are a lot of similarities to what happened at his previous club Sheffield United and what appears to be happening just now at our Club.

Charles was brought in at Sheffield United by Mike McDonald to be the ‘Football Man’ and Chief Exec to take the Club forward. The club floated to bring monies in. The float was said to be relatively successful. Players were given good contracts higher than to be expected leading to some players at the club even querying them. Well paid bonus structures were attached to Greens Contract with the Club. This all sounding a wee bit familiar? Fans started to query what was happening with the money. At that point it was suggested our Charles had used up the cash and things started to turn for the worse. Mounting Financial losses lead to players leaving. The Manager was said to be being undermined by Green. Numerous cutbacks were made as the initial feel good factor disappeared at the Club and many blamed a rather reckless Charles Green. Green spoke of other clubs interests in players that were then rubbished by clubs he was talking about promptly. Boardroom unrest also occurred. At one point Charles Green offering a director to “sort it out in the car park” when he was questioned for his decision making. Charles Green eventually left Sheffield United and was said to have been financially very well of from his stint at Sheffield United and subsequent pay off.

A lot of this seems very familiar to me. I am very sorry to say. Is this what is beginning to unfold at Ibrox under Charles Green? I sincerely hope not.

This could of course just be Charles Green doing some radical restructuring at the club that we have all been crying out for for a while. Taking costs out of the business that are not productive. That makes sense. I think what will be very telling is what comes in to replace the outgoing members of staff. Will we see a brilliant recruitment as chief scout brought in? One can only hope our days of ‘Jobs for the boys’ at Ibrox are well and truly over and I will be happy about that. We have been told our wage bill will be no more than 33% of annual turnover so hopefully we will now see us ‘shopping smart’ when it comes to transfer targets, another thing that I would be pleased about. Maybe there is a grand plan that we are now seeing played out, albeit it appears a bit cut throat. My hope is that at least with Malcolm Murray, Ian Hart and Walter Smith at the club the ‘Transparent Corporate Governance’ we were told Rangers would now be all about is what is actually happening. Even on that though we still aren’t quite sure why Charles seems so keen to have Malcolm Murray out the door?

Every time I query Charles Green I am told to “Shut up, he saved the Club”

I don’t personally buy that. I would suggest the 38,000 season ticket holders and fans around the world actually saved the club. Rangers were bought for £5.5 million which is just an absolute bargain. Rangers were bought to make money through an eventual sell. Charles Green has admitted as much. His Big Yorkshire hands are there to make money remember. To many fall for all this ‘Rangeritis’ nonsense and the various other soundbites he throws out there that people lap up. We are all aware of all the other Charles Green throwaway statements he has made that have came to nothing. Billionaires getting involved, Various sums being deposited straight into bank following purchase etc. Most of it has been forgiven by most due to the successful float of the club that sees £22.5 mil sat in a Bank account somewhere. Even on that at the time I was told Charles soundbites on the Share Issue did not go down well with the Money men at the club. As I have said all along I will remain with a ‘Healthy Scepticism’ towards Charles Green. And why shouldn’t I? Remember “we will spend £5 mil a year on transfers” Billionaire Craig Whyte? We are right to question everything at our club after what has been an awful period for us that we look to have came out of.

Some people are questioning whether Charles Green is making these cut throat decisions as a way of isolating our Manager Ally McCoist in order that it forces him to make a decision. I would hope this not to be true. I myself have stated that I don’t think Ally should continue as Manager but if he were to be treat like this it would be nothing short of a disgrace. But then Charles is renowned for not being bothered about getting his ‘hands dirty’.

As I say what happens next will be very telling. We may see some exciting recruitments at the club in important positions. We may finally look to be a ‘tighter run ship’ in a good way. This year we have operated at £1 million a month loss so it needs done, but it needs done in the right way. Alternatively we may be seeing Charles Green poor track record coming back to haunt him. Thats not me trying to panic anyone but Charles does have form shall we say?

What I would suggest is that the Club somehow starts to communicate properly with the fans in an official forum. None of this specially selected fans nonsense. Its the same folks all the time who communicate these meetings through social media with mixed results. We are embarking on a very important era in our Clubs great history and yet in these meetings we ask questions like “Which school did you go to Charles?” the easy ride he has been given due to giving the answers people want is quite ridiculous really. Thats what salesmen do though and again that is not necessarily a criticism but an observation.

Fans Groups that we have have backed the wrong horse before and although I wouldn’t be a member of any of them I would hope they don’t get caught out again by lip service without Substance.

And that is what we need. We need Substance. Hopefully come the summer we will see the stadium improvements, the Edmiston House development, the Club Megastore etc all come to fruition. The money that has been raised being used in the manner it was promised to be.

We will see a structure at the club that will see us develop whilst being prudent. This is what we all hope for and whats to say it won’t happen? But tell us. Don’t let us open the papers each day to another hatchet job on another club employee, thats not the Rangers way nor should it ever be.

Season Ticket Renewals will be going out soon and the Rangers Family want to know what they will be investing in again by their thousands for next season. So tell us Charles. Tell us the actual plan and you will be backed again.

As I say. I will remain with a ‘Healthy Scepticism’ towards Charles Green.